Monday, September 19, 2005

Broke AGAIN - for the 20092387th time

YAY! Went down to Bugis after the Global Citizenship tutorial!

I got :

Serena Valentino & FSC - Nightmares and Fairy Tales (Beautiful Beasts) from Absolute Comics = $29.90


Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels - The Communist Manifesto from Kinokuniya = $11.55


Ag very BROKE.

Hah! And I found The Fairytales of Hermann Hesse in one of my bags. -_-" No wonder I couldn't find it. Geheheh.

Which book should I pack for the China trip?




I've put in music again! Only this time it doesn't autostart, so you have to press play in order to hear it.

The bandwidth is incredibly INCREDIBLY small. :/ So probably the first few who press will be able to hear it.


Title : The Mummers' Dance
Artist : Loreena McKennitt
Album : The Book of Secrets

Listen to samples here!