Friday, September 09, 2005

Singaporeans are Patriotic!

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I think the Singapore gahmen should either bonk the (in)famous blogger Xiaxue on the head, or give her a pat on the back.

I take back what I said about Singaporeans being unpatriotic here. It just seems we need a little incentive to be patriotic - that's all. Looking at all the crossfire between Singaporeans and KL/Malaysians, I can hardly say Singaporeans are unpatriotic can I? Of course, minusing the (dumb) XX fans, we still have a lot of Singaporeans standing up for Singapore. I won't take sides here because I dowan to drink 100% Newater. XP

But enough of XX.

Ever so often, I come across blogs by Singaporeans overseas. Some miss Singapore. Some love the place they are in now. And sometimes, you get people like this who congratulate themselves for getting out of the jail cell that is Singapore and into the freedom and liberty that is America.

Of course - after being in America, they decide they like it so much, they look down and thumb their noses at the poor little Singaporeans who are left behind.

A summary of the post would probably be like this :

"YAY! We can vote! YAY! We can have freedom of speech! YAY! We can drive a cheap car!YAY! We have constitutional rights! Singapore is so small, America is so big! We aren't controlled by the gahmen! We have the right to express ourselves!


Which is totally true. But then I think, what's so bad about being in Singapore?
It's good that we have a great public transport system. All the hype about cheap cars
isn't justified in the face of rising oil prices. You'd probably have to pay more petrol than the car itself.

The no-say we have over the gahmen? Oh well. At least we know that we have an efficient gahmen that wouldn't take 4 days to help flood victims (that's assuming Singapore is not totally submerged) When we don't have a right to vote for a gahmen, our gahmen has to be doubly efficient. When something happens, they respond fast. They respond responsibly. And they respond SMART. Something which is sorely lacking in the Bush administration the American people voted for.

We pay high taxes? At least the richest of Singaporeans don't have tax cuts. When we pay our taxes, we know that we aren't funding a war that is draining billions of the taxpayers' money and leaving precious little for other insignificant things like education, building levees, etc etc...

Old people working? I know many old people work because they refuse to take the government's money. Some of them pick up cardboards and coke cans to make a living for themselves. They'd rather keep their dignity than take governmental handouts. Besides, I also know that there quite a lot of old people who work for leisure. But our gahmen don't really need to provide for the elderly because their children will provide for them - (except for those bastards who abandon their parents.) We still cling on to Confucian values like filial piety and respect for our parents and ancestors.

" if you don't want trouble, stay in singapore, and don't watch cable, or read anything besides the local papers. I doubt you'll appreciate anything foreign anyway besides the 99.99% of technology you currently depend on anyway."

Statements like these are really hilarious because any flip through our local newspaper would reveal that at least 90% of the news are international news - not local. From what I hear from my friends in America, the only global news they get is through the internet because the local papers are just that - local.

"for now its still dominantly, it seems, a load of conservative people raised on strong beliefs and little exposure to anything contrary to said beliefs. i don't think they can help it. i just wish it'll change. i want it to go away and i want everything to be better."

Are we the conservative people with strong beliefs with little exposure to anything contrary?

I'll leave you to judge. ;)

By the way, freedom of speech is practiced in this blog. Meaning you can flame me and I won't call you a stupid and narrow-minded piece of shit for not agreeing with what I say.

*Edit : For those of you who don't understand what lead to the above author writing her views, it is in response to people who targeted her comment in a previous entry in charlotte's blog (tomorrowed). Sorry for any misunderstandings caused.*