Saturday, September 10, 2005


Hmm. I do wish flamers actually read through the whole post thoroughly before flaming. They could have saved themselves from a lot of embarrassment. Would have been a whole lot more fun and challenge to respond to too.

*Sigh* the lack of good and coherent flamers in Singapore.

To Sofia :

Please read the post again before you flame. Thank you very much. I've made the links bold especially for you.

But I'm not very sure if you are capable of it - because it does require quite a bit of intelligence, of which I'm pretty sure you're lacking.

Oh well. If I were actually degrading Singapore, you would be an example why.

Special request :

Please post in the comments. That's what they're for. The tagboard is reserved for friends. In case you still post there again, I can only assume you're really incapable of comprehending english and would advise you to go back to kindergarten.