Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Eh. to clarify. i havent been sleeping well for the past 4 nights because i was rushing my portfolio. X_X average i'm sleeping 2-3 hours per night right now and my brain is not working very well so forgive the lousy lousy grammar and stuff.

i've become domesticated.

my maid's gone home for the hols and there is no one to clean up after my retard family.

my brother who stays at home all day watching tv and playing computer doesn't do anything to help

my mom works and have to clean up at night

i'm holed up in my room doing my damned portfolio

so today i came home intending to go my room but the first level looks like ground zero and the second one is like a tornado just blew through it

so i decided to clean up

knn. got so pissed just now when washing the dishes i slammed the porcelain spoon into the sink and it broke and this tiny piece riccocheted off and nicked my neck. i didn't notice at first but then it started hurting then i touched it and there was like blood trickling.

geh. i need my maid back. NOW.

i'm not making sense.