Friday, November 11, 2005


You know some people are just so selfish and kiasu they will keep every single little precious bit of information to themselves just to try get better grades?

There's this guy in my course who is just like that and he friggin pissed me off today.

(5 mins late for class)

Me (whisper) : so, what did the lect say just now?

Him : oh, nothing important.

Me : oh, okay. (turns around)

Me : hey, what did the lect say just now?

Random Girl : blah blah blah... blah blah blah blah...... dot dot dot dots....

Me : Okay, thanks.

GRRRRRRRRRR.... of course there is no obligation on that asshole's part to keep me informed of what was going on, especially since it was obviously my fault for being late in the first place, but would it fucking kill him to at least have the courtesy to tell me to ask somebody else because he wasn't willing to share the information?

so when i met him in the library later that day, after class, i was feeling particularly vindictive.

Me : (holding on to the book the lecturer reccomended + a few other relevant books)

Him : Hey, er, is that the only book?

Me : Yeah, i suppose.

Him : are you going to borrow that?

Me : Yeah.

Him : Er... Nothing. Can you pass it to me after you're done?

Me : Oh sorry, another guy reserved it. (okie, i admit. nobody else reserved it.) You have to wait for your turn.

Him : Er, so you're going to borrow all of it?

Me : (Carrying 5 hardcover tomes weighing at least 1 kg EACH)

Me : Yeah.

Him : Oh, okay.

Actually i wasn't planning to borrow all of it. but since he wanted them, i decided to spite him and borrow all of them even if i had to lug them all the friggin way home. BAHAHAHAHHA.


- - - - -

in other news -

my line animation lecturer is ronald, the frigging scary guy who taught me drawing fundamentals in my first sem.

he made us do a quick 5 min sketch of a running man today. and after we passed it up to him, he marked it, dated it, and crumpled all those that he thought were lousy and threw it into the wastepaper dustbin.

out of 15 sketches, only 4 survived. i was one of the survivors. damned i'm happy. :X

- - - - -

Grace came over to my house today after refering to a map that chunz drew. LOL. because as usual, i didn't check and charge my phone. BAHAHAHA. she's sleeping over tonight. -.-"

- - - - -

Okie, I'm going back to my Studio Ghibli cum Southpark marathon now by myself because Grace is sleeping oredi.

Ja -

P/S : HOME SWEET HOME is the fucking lamest show i've EVER watched in my entire eighteen years of human life. do NOT watch it and waste your 7 bucks. DAMMIT.