Monday, November 14, 2005

2 dollar tissue paper

  • Watched Oliver Twist last night - it wasn't that good, not as vivid as reading the book.

blah blah blah... nothing special, but there was this old lady by the escalator leading to the Sommerset MRT station selling tissues, packets of instant milo, cereal, etc etc. I kinda felt like "doing a good deed" so I walked up to her and passed her a one dollar coin, expecting her to pass me like 3 packets of tissues or something.

But NOOooooo....

She looked at me with a blank face and said

"2 dollars."

Me : "huh?"

her : "2 dollars."

Me : "No, I only want one packet of tissue."

her : " 2 dollars."

Me (thinking) : .....What the...... huh?!?!?

then i passed her another one dollar coin and got a packet of tissue for two dollars. :/

i think the worst part was when i was actually hesitating, deciding whether should i or not take back the one dollar i have already given her.

dammit. that old lady is a shrewd business woman.


i've updated phreaque-art!