Sunday, December 11, 2005

** it scares me when people speak so easily about giving their life to god. sounds like some blood thirsty virgin sacrifice ritual left over from the Incan era.

** it is of utmost importance that i stop procrastinating and actually get around to doing my damned portfolio because believe it or not, people have actually secured their attachment jobs already while i'm still whiling my time away watching anime and reading fan-fiction. those are who we call spoil-market(ers)/.

**i do realize i haven't been updating my blog but that is simply because i have been otherwise occupied with school and the upcoming interview for which i have to prepare my portfolilo - also because i have nothing really worthy of blogging.

**i've just watched Pride and Prejudice and i'm proclaim it to be the best chick movie of the year. (i saw this old gentleman watching it alone in the cinema. how sweet..)
i gots to watch it again. heh. and i've re-read Pride and Prejudice. I like the movie adaptation far better.

**perhaps this is the end of this blog.. maybe until i have the time and inclination to update it regularly.