Tuesday, November 08, 2005


HEya folks! I'm back! did you guys miss me? i know you didn't. Bahhhh...

Anyways, the exchange was great! Too many details too little time and I'm gonna be selfish and keep those memories to myself. :P It's amazing how i got so attached to the place in so little time. I didn't want to come home. T_T~

One thing though, I bought over 10 kgs worth of design books. WHHEEEHHEEE!! Those are like damned cheap in China and the print quality rivals those you find in Page One in Kino (or is it chapter one? i forgot.) Not to mention all the DVDs and CDs!! My heart was pounding when I cleared customs. Didn't tio spot check. Heng man.

I'm still not acclimatized to Singapore's weather. IT IS TOO HOT! omfg. When you wear 4 layers of clothes for a month, you just know you are going to die when you come back to singapore. I'm babbling...

Just to let you guys not read this in vain, I shall blog about the 3 day Shanghai trip.

Basically nothing much, went to the tourisy areas with my friends, got lost, snapped pretty pictures of the gorgeous architect blah blah blah.. the usual stuff UNTIL we went clubbing and found a jazz & blues pub/bar that was OMFG fantastic on the second night. First drink was 80RMB, tried the Singapore Sling. (Isn't it ironic that I have to try the Singapore Sling in Shanghai? Dammit.)

>> more babbling - I used to like blues ALOT until I got bored of it because nothing can beat watching blues musicians live. Recordings spoil the spontaneity that characterise the blues. + watching them play is like FWOARHH How the hell can they be THAT fucking good?!?

back to topic

so me and grace got their album (listen to samples here) and went back the next night because they had a jammin' session with other musicians which was like great!! And since it was the last night i was determined to spend all my RMB therefore :

1 Cosmopolitan
1 Pina Colada
1 shot of Vodka
1 Bacardi
1 Kami Kaze (this stuff is potent)
Half a Margarita (stolen from chun yi because she gets drunk easily and i need her to wake up in the morning for the flight)
Half a bottle of (FREE) wine that Richard gave me, because Grace didn't like the taste and I hate wasting wine.

then we got invited to another jazz pub because Blues and Jazz closes at 1.30 pm, so we hopped on the car with Richard (this guy from New Zealand we knew at the bar) and C...? I don't remember her name but she looks like a tranny but can sing damned well, sorta broadway-ish though complete with exaggerated tranny movements - (think Chicago.)

We reached JZ in like around 5-10 minutes, all the while the trannny-look-alike was singing and getting high and making us do dumb stuff. Gawd she's an asshole, but nevermind. Free ride to the club.

JZ is a pub where Jazz/Blues musicians go to chill out after their gigs, so there were alot of spontaneous acts and songs on stage. There was this lady who sang like Aretha Franklin and frankly, it was pretty depressing watching these talented people get so little recognition. damn.

blah blah blah.. so we stayed till 4.30 am and i was still completely sober except that my mouth was running on motor acid and all that came out were sarcastic remarks. (Gahah. Oops.)

spent the rest of the time packing the luggage and getting ready to go to the lobby at around 6.30 am which meant I didn't get any sleep at all. Fwooh!

and after a whole lot of confusion at the airport (both Shanghai and Singapore) i got back and went to eat at Sakae Sushi at Terminal 2.

I love sushi. I love sashimi. Yum.

I love the big toilet pipes in Singapore.

sorry for the babbling, i'm still suffering from jet lag and my english has gone down the tiny chinese toilet pipes after speaking and reading chinese for a month.