Saturday, May 20, 2006

taxi conversations

just back from carol's place! thanks for the great food and books! and lomo cam! and hard disk drive! XDDDDD
she's got great pictures from arizona!

took taxi back cos the heat was just UNBEARABLE... X_X

and taxi uncle was really funny.

he was changing shift (bedok) so one chinese guy in front of me wanted to go bukit batok. eheh. so i got the taxi instead.

"eh, you know these china people overtaking our country? just now that guy ah, dunno how to read the sign. i say go BEDOK he say go BUKIT BATOK. alamak..

yeah lah.. then anyhow flick the cigarette. so i tell him this is singapore cannot anyhow litter.


yeah lah. you know ah, a lot of my friends kena cheated by those crows. NO JOKE!

got this friend ah, he own kopitiam one. divorce wife and leave the children for the china woman. then buy her big house in china. then she left him. aiyah. then now he everyday sit in the kopitiam like he just come out from the Woodbridge. gong-gong one. all the money cheated.


Why he dowan his wife and children ah. Aiyah... the china woman skin smooth smooth, fair fair, they make love better than your wife! of course you choose her right!


NO LAH! how i know ah. aiyah, my friends tell me lah! i dun like to play play with them ah. dunno what disease they have, you know.

just now i was in geylang lorong eight i picked up a PROS!

she took to lorong twenty-one and told me no money. so ask me if i want to play.



yeah lah.. you know ah.. always happen one la. NO JOKE you know!

always ah.. say no money no money then ask you want to play.

i always chase them out of my taxi ah.


oh. yeah always happen. becoz they know taxi uncle got cash mah. one time twenty-thirty dollars.

aiyah... if they say no money then is suay lor, cannot search her body for cash right?

my friend kena cheated by a pros.

she say don't go hotel, go her house; save money.

then my friend ask her how much, she say 30 dollars.

so my friend say okay and follow her back lor.

then when they finish sex,

she say pay 100 dollars! if not she call the police and say he rape her!

you know in the book right. we go course and study ah.

they say taxi drivers cannot go to their house, or bring them to our house.

car parks and under the trees also cannot.

wait they say you rape them how?

but HOTELS nevermind.

because if they go hotels, they are PROS what. so they willing to have sex. cannot claim you rape them mah.

yeah my friend stupid lah. only hotels you know. any other place cannot. but if you not scared can report them to the police. then they cannot come back singapore.


orh. so stop where?

here? okay.

5 dollars.

(meter says 5.70)

no lah no need! 5 dollars can already lah.

nono no need lah! this is earn extra only, i going to change shift.

aiyah, i say no need then no need lah.

don't leave anything behind hor.

*turns around to check*

okay you can go. never leave anything behind.

have a nice day ah girl.


i always meet funny taxi uncles. heh. i *hearts* funny taxi uncles. eheheheh. especially those who give me discount.


happy. happy happy. and jinxed.


anyways. the 40++" plasma tv came today.

:/ my uncle bought it for us. -_-""

it's like gimongous.

bah. and i can finally watch all the channels downstairs.