Monday, August 14, 2006

moneh moneh moneh

it's a rich man's world.

especially if you want to go overseas for further education.

monetary problems are a BIG FUCKING BITCH. i want to catch her in the face and bitch-slap her, then stuff a banana in her eye socket. and then slice off her buttocks and feed it to her.

not to mention doubts about employment opportunities. to spend 250K+++ and not find a job is NOT ACCEPTABLE. and that job at least... AT LEAST has to pay 3000+ to pay loans and still have leftover money.

moneh moneh moneh moneh moneh moneh monehhhhhhhhhh.... gimme moneh moneh moneh...... moneh monehmoneh....

and expressive illustration is killing me. physically and mentally. FUCK YOU BITCH! FUCK YOU! by that of course, i refer to the block system. which is also a BITCH i have to wrestle with right now. photojournalism is going nowhere until tml when i go down to the SPCA to shoot. omfg.





screwed. and not just in the front okay. in the backside.

it's more like being skull-fucked actually.


and that was totally random.

the end.

P.S. willing to sell backside for study grant to NY.