Tuesday, August 01, 2006


30th july 2006

was a very interesting day.

i got up, got out, ran around

went to bakery, met primary school friend's mother (pri sch friend shares the same bday!), exchanged contact no.

took pictures, got scolded and finished assignment 1 of my photojourn.

went back, vending machine, got 2 for 1 milo packet. XD

go home, got locked out because somebody wouldn't open the door, sat at door, played with doggy through the door

broke into my own house, went to room, sleep

woke up, banged the piano, waited for friends to arrive

got msg from pri sch friend with same birthday, exchanged bday greetings and wishes :D

friends arrived, introduced, make conversation


came down, friends talking nicely, no blood spilled. breathes sigh of relief.

started steamboat/bbq

pigged out

stuffed ourselves, sat, talk cock

ate cheesecake + weird horribly tasting alcoholic beverage that was strangely addictive

waited for FQ to arrive.

received call, FQ lost in the boonies while driving from woodlands

sang bday song, cut cake, distributed, watched friends got high

friends go home, clean up, wait for FQ

FQ came, dog humped FQ's boyfriend, served them cake, talk cock singsong

FQ go home

me sleeps.

what a fun day. XD

anyways. i was going through my old bday cards from previous years.
it's sad when you read Frenz 4eva! so many times and realize that you are in touch with none of those people.
sad because "Friends Forever" is a phrase so lightly spoken by so many people
but you're obligated to write it anyways - not that i do, my track record isn't very good when it comes to keeping in touch with people from my past -

but it's good to catch up with old friends. those that i still keep in contact with anyways.