Wednesday, July 20, 2005


This is a really really horrible day today. I slept less than 3 hours yesterday because I stayed up all night to watch my south park downloads. Slept at around 5am and woke up at around 8.30? and continued watching southpark till it was almost 9am. And i forgot that i had class at 9am, so i chiong into my daddy's room and hollered them awake. Eh.. Anyways fastforward. I reached school at around 9.30 and slowly walked to the IT school contemplating all the while whether to pon class or not. Then I decided not to. GAWD. That was the single most stupid decision I made today.

*Opens door, looks at Hernie(the nice lec) and mumbled "Sorry I'm late"*

"It's okie. Class please gather around we need to do some exercise."

So stupidly like a herd of sheep being round up by a guard dog we did what we were told to do. Guess what? Hernie wants to play a game. It's called *Do a stupid action and introduce yourself to the class whom you were already introduced to at the beginning of the sem.* Okie, so we had to do a stupid action and say our name out loud. You might think the humiliation for us supposedly cool and apathetic designers were over. But no... Hernie had other plans...

"Okie class, observe your friends carefully and repeat their action."

Okie.. some guy was trying to jump the wall.. this one was clinging to it.. someone did the hula dance and i? I made a damned pig nose. ECK. So we went in a circle faster and faster, imitating our classmates' stupid action and chanting their names'. *No, we're not doing some weird cult ritual* Man. The agony. The pain. The humiliation. ECK. Okie then the rest of the class wasn't that bad.. wasn't THAT bad. :X not meaning it's good either. In fact, it sucked - but not as much as the first exercise.

Bahhh... Shouldn't have attended class today, especially with my eyes almost popping out of my sockets from the lack of sleep. I keep quoting Eric Cartman and speaking like him today. I need to lay off the Southpark before ChunYi kills me. Haha~ but annoying her is so fun.. SO FUN.. Oh yeah. I met Rita's boyfriend at Barang Barang and made kissy-poo noises at them. Whee~~!! How fun..

OH YES. I FINALLY GOT A X JAPAN T SHIRT. It wasn't the Jealousy T-shirt which was what i wanted, but it's a pretty Yoshiki one. Eh heh. I'm a happy happy happy happy girl. So actually today isn't that crapshit afterall. Man. I'm so fu*king tired. But i still have 3 Southpark videos to watch.. cannot.. must.......not......sleepppp.....