Thursday, August 25, 2005

Being a Singaporean

I was walking home from school tonight when I walked past a longkang with our National Flag lying half in it. Horrors of horrors. I think it's been lying there for a few hours, maybe more. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!??! This flag is the flag we sing the MariKita and say the pledge to. CAN'T YOU PEOPLE EVEN BE BOTHERED TO PICK IT UP AND RIGHT IT?!?!?


Chunz : Since when did you become so patriotic?

Me :I'm anti-Lee Dynasty but pro-Singapore.

Just because I always comprain about the politics and Lee-dynasty of Singapore doesn't mean I'm unpatriotic. Lee dynasty not = Singapore okie! (although some may beg to differ) Singapore is Singapore. We must love our country okie! Otherwise who will? The bangladeshi workers sweeping our roads ar? Or those "foreign talents" ?

Okie anyways, I went to the longkang to pick it up and tried to find something to tie it up with. :/ Several people walked past, looked on curiously but didn't even bother to offer help. BASTARDS! So chunz was standing on the pavement holding on to my stuff while I rummaged through my bag to find something to tie it up with. But no string, so bopian have to tie it up with a crummy Spotlight plastic bag. Oh well, at least it's not lying in our longkang. :|

It's a really really sad sad SADDDD day when nobody, no SINGAPOREANS bother to pick up our National Flag from the gutters. Maybe it reflects where Singapore is heading.