Tuesday, August 09, 2005

National Day

It's 4.30am and i still can't sleep, and i just realised that it's national day today.

Why do we celebrate National Day? Most of us don't even think about what we are celebrating. IMHO, National Day should be cancelled. I hate public holidays. When you go out and annoying crowds trample all over you and you can't breathe because there are too many people around you.

Most of all i dislike..hate..absolutely abhorr the red shirt-white pants combo morons wear, it makes me want to sing the mari kita and say the pledge.

Do i love Singapore?

Well, i would love it more on :

the day when we start having people who aren't the descendents of LKY taking important posts in office
the day we actually start having elections
the day when we have freedom of (political) speech without fear of lawsuits
the day when the ministers don't try to further the wage gap
the day when the ministers don't encourage us to speak out and then ignore what we say
the day we don't have to fear the men in white
the day transparency does not apply to only charity organizations.


Well, on the other hand.

Food is good,
Transport ain't that bad,
We aren't as fucked up as America.

So there.