Sunday, July 31, 2005

B-Day reflections

Okie, it is past 12am and my birthday is officially over. I'm one year older and hopefully wiser - yeah right - AND. my new year resolution is to not slack so much anymore in school!

I totally stuffed myself with food yesterday.. >_< went for a sushi buffet with Fang Qi and Eunice, then we basically went crazy in the restaurant.. Eunice ordered 4 plates of salmon sashimi, which was SOOOOOO FRESH, it practically melts in your mouth. WOOHOOO! The soft-shell crab was pretty good too. yummmm....

After gorging ourselves, we headed over to Hereen (sp?) I ran towards the HMV and GUESS WHAT? I FOUND X JAPAN'S FINAL LIVE VCD GOING FOR $116. OMFG.. i wanted to buy it but they dragged me away.. NOOOOOOOooooOOoOooOoOoOoooo... ARGHHhHHhhHhhHhh.... T_T Anyways, I WANT BLUE BLOOD LAH. BLUE BLOOD!!

Woohoo! Eunice gave me this X Japan pendant and Fang Qi bought me 2 laminated photos of Hyde and Miyavi.. I was only kidding.. >_<~ But THANKS! Haha, I can drool over Hyde almost as much as Gackt/Yoshiki. :P

Then later at 6 I met up with Chun Yi at the Esplanade to watch the NDP preview parade thingy. Fighter Jets got to be the coolest, sexiest, most drool-worthy thing after Gackt. Chunz bought me this strawberry pastry thing(?) and we lit a candle on it. SO FUNNY!! garbled through the b-day song and blew out the candle.. People around us were watching us as if we're mad or sth. HA HA HA.

OMFG! The fireworks display was spectacular!! omfg.. i felt like i was falling into the fireworks and at the same time i wanted to be in the center of it.. to explode and fall into little pieces. *yes, i do have suicide bomber tendancies* We were so close the ash fell on us, and into Chunz's hair. LOL. Oh well, they made me a very very happy girl. Muahahah~

So after that we went to the japanese restaurant and ordered this zaru soba set thingy which was omg so delicious~ ^_^ yummmyyyy.....

And Chunz gave me the horror set of woman bathing in blood which i wanted! WOOHOO!! Thanks man!!

I realise as I get older, birthdays become less about presents and more about people. Remember when you were young and you start counting down to your birthday 2 months in advance, eagerly anticipating the party and cake and the presents? Birthdays are now just any other regular day for me. It is not so much about the presents I get, but who I get to spend the day with. Especially with friends I don't often see, even a simple sms would be enough to bring a smile to my face. BECAUSE THEY REMEMBERED MY EXISTENCE. Yes, thank you very much. Birthdays are days to catch up with old friends you haven't seen in a while, rehash old memories and catch up with the present (day).