Thursday, August 04, 2005

hide vs toshi

i'm extremely beat........ extremely extremely......... beat. wooh! guess what, i found a toshi/hide(?) shirt. ah hah. it was toshi on the shirt, but the fonts say hide. so imagine.


people staring

me: *Thinking : waaaaiiittt a minute.... something looks wrong. hide? HIDE?*

rita : what's that?

me : eh. it's an x japan t-shirt. with hide on.

me stares at shirt again. and again.

it's toshi with a microphone with hide's (the guitarist's) name on the bottom.

what's wrong with this picture?


on the other hand, i found the silent jealousy t-shirt i wanted but the colour was way off. i guess the only way to get the shirt i want is to kidnap j-rocker. HEH HEH HEH.

i saw him today, couldn't stop smiling after that. someone just stab me. :X