Friday, August 12, 2005


goddamned.. i'm so tired i can hardly keep my eyes open..

so many things happened but i dunno where to start. Hmmmm...

Right, first of all, the president-elections fiasco.. I think the PAP/MIW should just stop pretending that the people have a choice and just declare nathan the president for the Nth term. Not that I am FOR the a new president but I think it would be good if we actually have SOME competitors to keep the government from growing complacent. (which they already are) At least let them feel a little heat. Maybe right now it's just the warmth of a tiny candle-flame, easily snuffed out by a blow, but sooner or later it's going to be a forest fire, generating so much smoke the Men in White are gonna be chao tar. Honestly, white is not a flattering colour - not the way they wear it anyways. And it doesn't reflect them at all. I think grey would be a much nicer colour,
it's not pure, not transparent, drab colour which doesn't inspire passion. GREY is what they should wear.

Today in the MRT.. right, Why do I always meet weird people in the MRT?
There was this weird guy who got up at the Tampines MRT station, who was mumbling to himself while carrying a BIG BLACK radio. so he was just standing there, muttering to himself softly at first, right smack in the middle of the MRT door, blocking whoever is getting in/out.. so for the entire journey from Tampines to Cityhall, he was mumbling something like :

do you know why he went to jail? he was framed. i know the whole story, yes, i know the whole story.. do you know why he went to jail? he was framed. i know the whole story, yes i know the whole story... do yOU kNOw wHy He wEnt To Jail? He WaS FRAmED.. i Know The WhoLE StORY.. DO yOU KNOw WHY He WENT to JAIL? HE WAS FRAMED, I KNOW THE WHOLE STORY, YES, I KNOW THE WHOLE STORY. DO YOU KNOW WHY HE WENT TO JAIL? DO YOU KNOW WHY HE WENT TO JAIL? DO YOU KNOW WHY HE WENT TO JAIL?

Yes, for the entire trip to city hall he never stopped. When passengers first stepped into the train and saw him, the first direction their eyes travelled to was the BIG BLACK antique radio. LOL. Yes, BOMB SCARE again. -_-" Everyone's paranoid right now. But weirdly enough, for some reason the first thing that popped into my brain was :


Hmm. Why I wonder?

Anyways - back to the passengers. After they tear their eyes away from the BIG BLACK antique radio, they turned it towards the madman. After that, they glance around surreptiously at the other passengers to see how they reacted, before going back to do their own thing, glancing at the madman with BIG BLACK antique radio ever so often.

How fun eh?

YES. Let's one day pretend to be mad and go do some installation art like that. The gahmen always think that creativity is graffiti and talent shows for rockerrs. MY BIG FRIGGIN' ASS. Okie, don't get me started on that, I need to sleep now. That shall be another topic for another day.

Yes folks, do remember to alert the relevant officials if you see any suspicious articles or characters lurking around. LOL.
Madman with BIG BLACK antique radios included.