Monday, October 03, 2005

my favourite songs.

i work better when there's music playing.


some of my fav songs. i can listen to them 1000 times and not get sick.

in no particular order :

X - x japan
orenji no taiyou - gackt & hyde
freesia ~op.2~ - gackt
eleanor rigby - beatles
november rain - guns n roses
masquerade - hyde
infinite dreams - iron maiden
immigrant song - led zeppelin
world comin' down - billy idol
possibly maybe - bjork
heal me, i'm heartsick - no vacancy
shiroi ryu - joe hisaishi
rose letter - cocco (no, not that coco lee :X)
bohemian rhapsody - queen
bird cage - mr children
cage - dir en grey
everyday is exactly the same - nine inch nails
edge of seventeen - stevie nicks

alot more. haha. lazy to type out. :P


i was just surfing on the internet then i came across this article on shark's fin.

in summary : awareness of the cruelty of "finning" the shark has gone up but demand never go down.

people of the younger generation are afraid to displease their parents. parents think shark's fin got prestige. etc etc.

therefore they still continue to serve shark's fin at wedding dinners.


imagine this.

you sit at the dinning table, they serve the cold dish, and you think "oh goody, shark's fin next!"

then the emcee says "ladies and gentlemen, welcome.. blah blah blah.. we are now going to show you a special clip. please enjoy."

then on the screen you watch the sharks getting butchered and thrown back into the sea.

"omfg! i'm going to fucking puke!" you think.

and the emcee says : "now, those who want to eat shark's fin raise your hand."

i think gahmen should make it mandatory to play this clip at all weddings where shark's fin is served.

at every wedding, at least 50 sharks are killed for the shark fin you are eating.