Tuesday, October 04, 2005

ramble at 2 am.

shucks. i'm giggling everytime i listen to bohemian rhapsody. GIGGLING. omfg. maybe i should just go jump down a building or something right now. just the thought of bohemian rhapsody is enough to make me go into spasms. i'm such a retard. -_-"

i think my eyesight is going down the toilet bowl. i need to bring stuff really close to my eyes, and i see fuzzy letters when i look at the screen. face the pb 24/7 photoshop and watch vcd. siao. no more gloating about my perfect eyesight. shiet. i hate specs. they look weird on me. :/ mebbe me shall go get a pair of contacts. but my eyes water when i watch other people putting in their contacts. i think if i try to put it in my eye i'd probably cry.

argh. i need to kick this habit of reading a novel from the back. :/ usually i buy a new book, read the first few pages, get impatient, flip to the back, read the ending and re-read the book again. same goes for serials and movies. i get my paws on every single bit of information and spoiler i can get and then go watch it with eager anticipation. bahahaha. i really really need to kick this damned habit.

ramble. i need to sleep. or at least rest my eyes. i'm starting to see black blobs. pardon any spelling mistakes.