Tuesday, October 04, 2005

sleepless in singapore

oh my )W$#*(#&^$ hell shiet. i'm so dead. need to finish 1200 word min essay + 1200 word max journal by tml. HAHA. siao.

cya. no time to talk.

wah lao eh! i hate writing argumentative essays! I HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT! :(
why can't they throw me a 2000 word descriptive narrative one instead.



OMFG YEAH! finished the damned essay + sent to team members to vet and edit. WOOHOO!! taking a break before continuing on the shiet journal. HAHA. i wouldn't be in this big toilet bowl if i didn't procrastinate. Bahahaha.

yalah my fault.

iTunes 5.0.1 has new interface and it's damned fucking ugly. bullshiet. lalalalala.... LALALA..

slowly going insane. Bah.

anyhoos. these are the days of our lives by Queen is damned nice. i can't believe i just discovered them. dammit. all the things i've been missing. i didn't even know bohemian rhapsody was by them till recently. shame on me. BOOO....



oops. sidetracked by photoshop. :/ and pride. damn!

haha. john lennon. just thought of him suddenly and had the urge to draw him.

i know it doesn't look much like him. don't throw rotten eggs at me lennon fans. :X

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