Sunday, March 18, 2007


apparently those pesky christian people over at the National Council Of Churches In Singapore (NCCS)’s have been attempting to criminalise lesbians - because they're just not satisfied with criminalising gays.

i believe "christians" who try to (en)force their beliefs down the throats of non-believers are not christian in nature at all. they merely hide behind the veil of religiosity to spray their filthy seeds of non-tolerance and hatred while being protected by an immunity shield.

if i say. i hate christians. i'd probably be charged with a racist/religionist (whatever term for this) thingy and have my ass slaped so hard in jail i'd probably break a tailbone.

but if they say they hate lesbians and gays, they'd be applauded by like-minded narrow non-thinkers of christian faith, and pray and cry in their congregation for the salvation of the dirty homosexual souls.

if truly there was a Jesus, he'd probably be sitting on his thorny throne, smoking his pot and say to his dad, these are the people i was killed for? how are they different from those who killed me?

his dad would go. "they shouldn't have eaten the apple, son. trust me, never eat the apple. it's bad and evil."

and i ask. if men weren't meant to be gay... why is their g-spot located in their prostate which is only reachable through their arse-hole?


tell me! WHY?