Tuesday, March 13, 2007


nearly killed myself laughing over the trailers for the new Channel 5 series After Hours feat. Utt, Linda Liao, Joanne Peh and random misc.

what nearly killed me you say?

Joanne Peh's face when she faced the cameras and said "It has witty dialogue"

and it cuts to a scene to her and Linda Liao (?) with her saying (not word for word)

"Men can't internalise stuff like that. The only words that register in their brains are Food, Sex, __________" fill in some random sexist remark.

This is witty dialogue?

oh how the not so mighty fell right into the toilet bowl. i realize local production while never stellar, have (...had?) at least PCK, Under One Roof and the such to make local TV slightly watchable. but oh

THE CRAP they're showing now...

and i think Joanne Peh genuinely believes it is witty.


and in other news.

thanks for all the encouragement people! very much appreciated! :D


nope. havent found a job yet.

will keep you posted. :P