Friday, July 22, 2005

Somemore on the NKF saga

A cute little email I got, kinda reflects what I was feeling so I posted it up. :P

Fictiously written based on a true story of a taxi driver who got his $12 donation refunded by NKF)

A secret letter to Miss Durai on her rich dad in the diary of the son of a poor dad.


Dear Diary and Dear Miss Durai

As a 18 year old Poly student, I can understand your anguish as the neglected poor little rich daughter of another hardworking rich dad, but I cannot feel any sympathy for your rich dad, certainly not while I am still fuming from what I had recently read in the world ranked 148th Shitty Times.

I am the son of a hardworking taxi driver who had made donations to NKF $12 every month since May 1984. Quietly, my disappointed poor dad had stopped after the press and Mr Davinder Singh had exposed your rich dad's paid monkey acts at NKF. For every month since 1984, My poor dad had personally sent his $12 cash donation to NKF without fail every month because he had believe in its mission. Although, my poor dad had wanted to increase his donation but life has never improved for my poor dad since, his income had not increased and he worked longer hours since 1984.

FYI, my poor dad works bleddy hard too,he drove on day and night shifts without relief driver for us, he had worked so hard dat I only get to talk to him once a week and sometimes once in few months, it has been like this eversince my childhood. Unlike your rich dad, my poor dad is a poor hardworking man who works hard for real peanuts but we are proud of him.

I am also guilty of not spending quality time wif my poor dad too. Instead of enjoying myself like little rich brats who got $ to party at Zuok on weekends, I had to work part time at MacDonald's mopping floors for my pocket money during weekends. And sometimes I had secretly wish my poor dad had not been so kind to kidney dat we could spend some quality time together even for an hour more each time.

You may not think that this $12 a month is a lot of money, but my poor dad does not make $12 an hour or sometimes not even $12 a day after he had paid the leeching taxi rental. Even during the difficult SARs period, my poor dad had continued his donation and support for NKF.I cannot say we have starved or are deprived but my poor dad had thought he is doing good and we must respect him for that.

Now that your rich dad, Mr TT Durai had confessed publicly that he only mades $300,000 a year plus 12 month's bonus all from donor's funds , I want to put this into your naive little spoilt head dat I strongly feel dat you dad had been working hard while leeching on kindness of ordinarily nice people like my poor dad and profiteering on the plight of the kidney patients.

I dare say dat my poor dad's humble donation to NKF, the only charity which he had continuously supported these years, is humble "pee-sai" monies, becos it could not even pay a week's worth of your dad's great grandmother of all "peanut" pay.

But it angered me to huv read in the Shitty Times that all the blood and sweat monies donated by my poor dad during the past 20 years could have been used to pay for a European size made in Germany toilet bowl and the gold plated tap in your rich dad's office. Don't even think it was it enuff to pay the one year of road tax or petrol for your rich dad's family car used by your mom.

Sorry to say dat, this pee-sai sized donation was all my poor dad could afford.

Deep inside me, I wish to see some justice done, I wish that the continuing investigation on NKF could uncover something to bury your rich dad if he is proven guilty beyond doubt. And maybe bury afew other monkeys like him for the common good of this society.

I would like to see the Prime Minister and the gehmen to restore my poor dad's confidence in the NKF and hope that they wake up their ideas on the NKF's impressive $262millions of cash reserve.

Not like your infamous rich dad, law abiding peasants like my poor dad has got no honor or reputation to protect. But as a decent man, my dad would be very happy to know that his labour has actually helped some needy kidney patients. Nebermind it was only $12 real pee-sai money a month for the last 20 years.

And your rich dad had cruelly destroyed this confidence which my poor dad had with so-called educated people, your rich dad had been wearing a mask all of sincerity these years and diligently profited himself in the name of charity! Sadly, he still had not taken the mask down.

I am amazed that it has not yet sink into your head that your rich dad did not work hard for the NKF patients, he had worked hard for his gold plated mother of all peanut pay, he had worked hard for himself! Hope you could put it in the little brain or yours.

However, it is not to late to repent and all shall be forgiven, unlike your shameless rich dad, you may be too naive to realize that the magnitude of his wrongdoing is not soley benchmarked on commercial grounds but also on moralistic grounds.

Even if his $600k a year peanut pay is legitimate, your ought to question your rich dad's conscience becos he had abused the kidney patients and used their plights to profit himself. He had also deceived the public by lying and overstating NKF commitments to call a bluff for more donations to inflate his bonus. Your rich dad had leeched on many kind and gullible souls like my poor dad.

I am not being horny & suggestive, but as the daughter you may like to ask your rich dad which one of his lovely lady colleague(s) had shared the use of his personal toilet bowl, his gold plated tap and the glass panelled shower in the privacy of his NKF office. Maybe it would throw some new light on why he had got so much motivation to spend late nights at the office instead of spending quality time with you.

And please don't blame yourself if you have been shocked and you rich dad had becum the butt of gossips and jokes in your school, becos poor donors like us would be angry and would remember what your rich dad had done for a long long time.

Grow up, little girl, life is just this cruel, the absolute truth would absolutely hurt. Stop fooling yourself, life only gets real when it hurts.

Yours fumingly