Wednesday, October 05, 2005


omfg. haha! i'm so pissed. -_-" the journal i stayed the whole night up to do is completely wrong. HAHAHA. the lecturer wants a personalized journal (complete with doodles and all), not essay-type journal. WTF! when she said that i almost stuffed my slippers into her mouth. but aiyah. the lecturer so pretty and nice. couldn't bear to do it. argh. HAHAHAHA. oh my friggin ass. i'm starting to feel the repercussions.

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this is why you shouldn't buy food when you are pissed off. XD but meiji chocos are SO NICE! NICE NICE NICE!! they make me happy!

aiyah. this is one of the entries in the journal. might as well do something with it. kns. keep in mind this is done at 4am in the morning. i know it sucks, you don't have to tell me it sucks. :P alot of facutal errors and whatnot. this is just to make me feel like i haven't wasted my whole night writing it. be fair. 3/4s of the night was spent doodling in photoshop because i was so damned bored of writing. bahahaha. so the journal was done in ard 2 hours. BAhahHAhaaaAAa.

i can't help it! if i wanted to write damned essays i would have gone to JC. not design school. :X


Singapore is one of the most successful examples of globalization. Most of the population as we see now are descendents of immigrants from China, India, Malaysia and various other countries. Globalization is a natural occurrence where people move from one location to another in search of a better life. This is also why Singapore is a melting hotpot of cultural diversity.

Besides that, the share of foreigners in Singapore’s labor force doubled between 1992 and 1998, from 12 to 25 percent. In addition, there are more than 80 000 foreign professionals in Singapore. Based on these facts alone we can safely assert that Singapore is truly diverse and values diversity.

Ethnocentrism occurs when there is the tendency to view one’s own culture as the best and only proper way to live and to compare other cultures to one’s own as the standard. It rarely occurs in Singapore because no one race, religion or culture is considered above the rest or is given special privileges. However, due to our relatively higher standard of living, our citizens may have been living in comfort for so long, they fail to adapt when facing hardships and difficulties encountered in third world countries like the lack of clean water supply or hygienic facilities.

This is a natural reaction and one that is probably well justified because humans are habitual creatures and once taken out of their natural habitat, would most probably fail to adapt and integrate into the new environment. It is however, essential to be sensitive to the cultural differences and keep in mind to be tactful when voicing dissent.

Valuing diversity does not mean that you have to accept all customs and practices of a different culture, because they might not be in accord to your own beliefs and faith. It is also not totally adapting into the culture because that would mean a loss of your own. Rather, valuing diversity means that one should maintain a basic respect of all cultures and humanity, and not thinking that one’s own culture is better than others.


this is one part of the another entry.

Trees are cut down each day for paper and fuel, where much of it is wasted on powering air conditioners and printing reports such as these.


argh, i need sleep.