Monday, October 10, 2005

Random post


i never knew packing a damned luggage could be so irritating. ARGH. i don't remember if i left anything out and i can't be bloody bothered even though there's this niggling thought at the back of my head telling me i've left out something real important like pads or bras.

yes, i gots me new spiffy WATER-PROOF boots!!! yay!! i gots boots!

the jackets are really taking up a damned amount of space therefore i'm only bringing me 4 pants to last the entire month. BAHAHAA. i've probably got to wear them like 1 week before i wash them. eww. HHAAHaHahaa.

--- let me think of something to write about so i can delay going back to packing.



--ah yes, lemme tell you how i got into rock/metal music. it's a semi-funny story. or maybe just pretty pathetic.

late in sec one i bought this shirt from the pasar malam. it said

"Ozzfest 2001
black sabbath
papa roach
plus other acts to be announced"

i still have it, this shirt --> Image Hosted by

then i wore it out one day on a (concert) band outing. (i play the french horn!!!! it's a sibei beautiful instrument. THE BEST IN THE BAND!) and this senior whom i thought was incredibly INCREDIBLY cool asked me. "WAh, you listen to black sabbath? Make sure you don't listen too loud, later spoil your ears, no more perfect pitch."

me was thinking "huh? wad talking you? black sabbath...? sabbath is the day where people don't work?" but said, "okie, sure."


so to impress him (sorta) and because i have an insatiable curiosity + a phobia of looking stupid in front of others, i looked it up, the bands on the t-shirt. and there goes the long long deep deep fall into rock music. XD i haven't looked back since.

i suppose i should be glad i bought the t-shirt. i didn't have a crush on the senior lah, he was just that kinda guy everybody kinda looked up to as a big brother asshole kinda person.

muahaha. before that i was mostly listening to new age/classical music. my dad was pretty horrified when i made the switch because i used to be a hoity toity idiot who looked down on people listening to pop. er, i suppose i still am.

pop = shiet. pop = commercialised. pop = death of music. therefore, pop = shit.

which is also why i really HATE talent shows. like the chanel u project superstar thingamajig. talk about selling out your soul. :/ subjecting yourself to humiliation and changing yourself to suit the industry instead of making people like your music, then whoring yourself in front of the camera doing stupid things like eating orhlua in ecstacy, moaning like you've just had your first orgasm. doesn't help that the orhlua looks pretty yucky and cheapo. not like the kopitiam ones at all.

my effing gawd. it's just pure crap! it makes me fucking mad.

i hate it when new young good bands get famous. it all goes downhill after that. like linkin park. one great album = many rabid fans = many many much much moneh = getting complacent = crap music.

X japan is my favourite band. do listen to their music if you have the chance to. especially the drumming. and the vocals. and the guitars. AIYAH EVERYTHING LAH.

the beatles are my 2nd favourite band. no need to elaborate la hor? you guys should know why.

i don't like the rolling stones. or scissor sisters.

i love glam rock.

i love metal too.

i kinda like goth/death metal, sometimes.

i think the local music scene is pretty great! fav band from the region is Naked Breed, band from Malaysia i think. caught them at Baybeats with Clar!

b-quartet is my favourite local band.

alot of local bands have great music but sucky vocalists. :X

i hate techno music. or anything with repeated distorted stuff and alot of synth stuff. it makes my head ache.

queen rocks.

weirdly enough, alot of my favourite bands have members that died from suicide. (think nirvana and x japan.) but then again, the drugs and alcohol will probably kill them if the aids doesn't.

and i think courtney love is really horrible to look at now. i can't imagine kurt married to her. my gawd. WHY?!?!?!?!?!? but if i were married to kurt (XD) i'd probably kill myself too when he did. no wonder courtney looks like crap now.

and most of my favourite bands are from the 70-80s. the truly great ones. they don't care about the money - or at least it doesn't show in their music. or maybe i'm just biased.

music now is really crappy. i hate hip hop stuff thingy. i hate black eyed peas. i don't know the bands that are all the rage now. bahahahaa. i should have been born 20 years ago, dammit!

i have a jessica simpson cd. it's now relegated to the deepest, darkest corner of my drawer, never to see the light of day again. i can't bring myself to sell it to any second hand shop because i'd probably die from the shame.

i've already dumped the britney one. (go me!)

(just in case you are wondering why the hell i have them... i briefly caved in to peer pressure in sec 2. got myself back after a few months of listening to pop, pretending that i actually liked it so that i had something to talk about with my friends. they usually don't listen to new age/classical stuff, and teenagers being teenagers we only talk about music, the latest happenings, boys, etc. therefore i was the only odd one out. AND I WAS SICK OF IT, therefore i caved in. Shame on me!)

wah liew. i read through the entry and i sound like a friggin snob. I'M NOT! (really!) i listen to other stuff too. good stuff. even semi-pop. like stephanie sun and stuff. (i do NOT like sun ho. :/ the whole church thing just turns me off, no offence to christians.) the line between good pop-pish music and bad ones is VERY VERY VERY thick. it's like a chasm.

good pop(py) stuff does exist actually. I take back what i said earlier, some of it.

you know sometimes world music is nice too. like african choral music.. celtic music.. etc.. because when you don't understand the lyrics, you feel the music more, you can put your own intepretation to it. sometimes lyrics just ruin everything. but then again, lyrics can be everything. this is too late to get into an internal debate.

moving on!

hmm. i seem to talk alot about music. hahahaa. probably because it is my only interest besides drawing and reading.

i have no life. :/ but it's kinda nice too. i like chilling out by myself. XD

shiet. 2.11 am and i'm still not finished packing. HAHAHA. okie. buhbye.