Saturday, October 08, 2005

Frankie's Request.

Halloween is my favourite festival. ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE! (what else would you expect from a rabid Tim Burton fan who has watched Nightmare at least 20+ times?) Too bad we don't celebrate it much in Singapore. :(

You know, when I was younger, I've always thought Halloween was Christmas for monsters and ghoulies. I still think that.

This is RATHER inspired by the traumatising fugly creative haircut the stylist gave me.

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this will probably be the last post for a month. i know you won't miss my writings. HAHAHA. because most of it is crap anyways. :D

thanks for the well-wishes!

now i shall try to pack the luggage.

I know we don't celebrate it in Singapore, but still. HAPPY HALLOWEEN in advance!

P.S. : Just to mention, it'd be winter in the part i'm going, there will probably be snow! Yay! :P


i've updated phreaque-art!