Friday, October 07, 2005


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i think more than anything, music has been the biggest influencing factor in my life. even more than my pencil and daler rowley paper - even in art i get good days and bad days.
it's the only thing in the world i trust 100% besides myself.

guys who speak of "4eva luv" and friends who say "friends 4eva!" eventually turn their backs on you, but who could blame them? people change.

friends come and friends go, people drift in and out of my life, music is the only constant. whichever phase i am going through, whatever troubles i'm facing, it'll always be there, an infinite source of comfort.

my cd collection totals up to more than 500. 2 drawers + 1 stack on the table. methinks the mp3 player is the greatest invention since air-con. cos i was one of those people who carry a stack of cds wherever they go and change it on the mrt/bus. :X

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my fav stack. all the cds i listen to here. rock, jrock, blah blah. whatever catches my fancy.

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new age/instrumental/classical, etc.

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jrock/soundtracks, etc.