Thursday, October 06, 2005


4+ and i'm still not sleepy. :/ .........



i had this weirdest feeling, a deja vu of a deja vu. does it make sense?

i was just doodling in photoshop (what else do i do?) and listening to Queen and then i had this feeling that i had this feeling before when i was doing the same thing.

and the freakiest thing is that i clearly remember feeling this way before. extremely strongly. somehow there's this sensation or knowledge that i'm trapped in a cycle where i'm made to do things over and over, like my life isn't mine to control because i cannot help being in the cycle anymore than i can break out of it.

that is just freaky weird.


i'm so hungry! nobody's up yet = no food.

it's just 4 more days before i leave for China! my uncle converted S$500 for me. woohoo! i have no idea why he's giving me money, but it's good, being one of the few girls on my mom's side of the family. heh. XD

i think my eyes are auto-corrective. i used to wear glasses. now i don't. haha! and i didn't even do anything. i was complaining about my blurry eyesightm previously, now it's perfectly fine.

i love my eyes eyeballs!

:/ shiet. i really really need sleep, but i cannot drift into dreamland. is this insomnia?? or just hyperactivity in the brain?