Thursday, October 06, 2005


This is done by me, around 2002.

why am i posting this ugly piece of shiet up?

because i'm friggin sick of people telling me that i'm lucky to have my artistic "talent" and don't have to follow the normal path to jc and study study study study and take exams like they have to.

this is one of the better pieces too.

what i'm really trying to say here is my talent isn't god-given okie. it comes from practice and working my ass off. it's not like the muse comes i pick up the pencil and just start drawing my hand off. it's not like that.

i had to work fucking hard to get to where i am now you asshole. so think before you fucking speak.

okie. rant over.

now to tell you why i started drawing.

i started drawing doodling during secondary school because i was too bored in class. "blatantly doodling" as one of my teachers said it "in front of her nose". what to do? classes were boring and there was nothing to occupy my attention. got streamed to the triple science, double math class and most of my friends were in the D&T class. bored la.

so i started doodling in class. but not just any doodles. i did torture doodles of one Mdm Lee Ch** N**. I was just flipping through my social studies textbook the other day, practically every page was filled with images of how i'd like to torture her.

yeah. my passion for drawing starts here. so i suppose i should thank all the teachers who bored me in class.

a big thank you to all the boring teachers who inspired my art. Really, i thank you from the bottom of my heart.

not to forget Mr Richard Koh and Ms Josephine Ho who encouraged my interest. A special thanks to you guys! thank you!!

i'm sorry for ever thinking you were a faggot er. nevermind. :X

but actually i only started seriously drawing after i left school. hahaha. still a long way to go before i'm actually good. but oh well. still young, can one la.