Sunday, July 24, 2005

Feeling bored in midst of rushing homework

OKAY PEOPLE... I'll stop posting lame quizzes.. since i got so many people complaining to me about them. i won't even bother to caps because it doesn't show in the blog. :/

Of fashion disasters :

Right.. i was out these few days and i noticed that most singaporean girls can't dress for nuts. i don't count becoz basically i just cannot be bothered. but those girls who spend PEANUTS* on their outfits, please, please buy outfits that fit your body shape for goodness sake because my eyes just cannot take the crap you inflict upon them anymore.

to the vertically-challenged not so slim woman at the bus stop :

seriously, please get a bigger top. your skirt is too tight and your t-shirt is too tiny. your bulges and rolls are showing and they *positively* quiver with every step you take. and not to mentioin the slab of meat your tiny shirt was showing off. and the chucky strap heels really do not go. so if you happen to read my blog, please consider having a makeover. that or get a bigger shirt. thank you. *i can say that because i'm fat too and i'm not discriminating against you or any other fat people.*

to the girl with the emily bag at cityhall mrt interchange :

hi girl, don't you know you're not supposed to wear pink frilly concoctions and carry emily bags at the same time? and emily is *Caps from here* not a goddamned fu*king tim burton creation. get that fu*king fact right. and i know where you bought your bag. i repeat. emily is not a fu*king tim burton creation goddammit *Caps end here* You just made me swear off emily and nightmare before christmas despite the fact that i am i loyal fan of them both before you morons ever even born.

to all girls who dress in all pink :

hi people, when you see this sloppily dressed girl who looks like she dresses in the dark wearing predominantly black clothes, keep away from her or you might cause her to convulse and die from overdose of sugar.Thank you for being so considerate. but then if you were, you wouldn't have matched your fake pink von dutch bag with your ugly pink mary janes.

that's all i have to rant about for now. right.. and it's back to my homework.

*Peanuts : refer to Mrs GCT's comment about T.T.Durai's peanuts.

P.S. i know i have to let it go sometime. but i'm a bulldog. so sue me. *caps* HAH *caps end*