Sunday, July 24, 2005


I was surfing around and stumbled onto the SPCA website. out of curiosity i went to check out their financial statement. and realised that durai's peanuts would have funded them for maybe 1 year or so. okie then out of curiosity (again) i checked out nkf's financial statements. and i found out interestingly that while the average SPCA staff earns around $2600, the average NKF staff only earns $2300. Where did the excess $300 go i wonder.
i'm just like a bulldog chewing on a badly mauled rawhide bone but i just can't stop myself. *caps* SORRY. *caps end*

the number of abandoned pets have been on the rise - okie it's always been rising - and the number of pets being put down increases proportionally. so you assholes who just buy pets because they are cute and fluffy think about your decision first. either you get a pet and stick with it, or you get a pet and get a maid to clean up after it. whichever way, don't abandon your pets because they are innocent.

this goes out to the *caps* fucking shithead who called the ava to put down 3 of my dogs last year. i hope you die of cancer and reincarnate as a fucking cockroach so that i can fucking step on you. no wait. i hope you get knocked over by a car and don't die because i want you to become a damned vegetable so that you know how being helpless and not in control of your own life feels because that's what my dogs felt, you goddamned son of a bitch. i want you to grovel and beg. i want you to suffer. and most of all, i wish i could have met you, you annonymous coward. so that i can tell you what a lameshit excuse for a human being you are. i'm ashamed to be on the same fucking planet as you. i'm ashamed to breathe the fucking air that you breathe. i'm goddamned fucking pissed to know that my dogs had been contaminated by your presence before their deaths. god damn you. damn you damn you. *caps end*

okie. so be nice and responsible to your pets. even though you might want to murder them when they pee on your carpet sometimes.