Wednesday, July 27, 2005

iPod Users

Oh man. I really cannot stand it any longer. Have you ever noticed how everytime you

a) sit in a bus

b) sit in the mrt

c) walk along the street

you will always suay suay kena this goddamned iPod user who blasts his/her music as if he/she is fucking deaf? It doesn't help much that the music they blast are usually the lameloid latest hits from the various bands.

Top 5 on the list.

1) Don't Phunk With My Heart. by Black Eyed Peas
2) Hollaback Girl. by Gwen Stefani
3) Let's Get it Started. by Black Eyed Peas
4) The Reason. by Hoobastank
5) She Will Be Loved. by Maroon 5

Oh forgive me if i forget to mention that they use the c/w white earphones (which sucks like hell and is damned eff-ing uncomfortable) and normally hold the iPod in their hands at a 45 degree angle so that the whole world would know that they are carrying iPods.

They make me want to switch to Creative. :X