Monday, July 25, 2005

Oh man, i'm screwed.

hoooo hooo haaa haaaaa...

today started off pretty lame, i was rushing all morning to do my applied illustrations assignment till around 11.50am. My class starts at 12, so i changed my clothes at lightspeed and went downstairs to catch me a cab. :X i was late for class by 5 minutes but it didn't matter *CAPS* BECAUSE CLASS WAS CANCELLED *Caps end* Oh mann... these sick lecturers like to do that to us, they dont even send us an email in advance. goddammit.

Okie, moving on.. went to the library to stone for a while before meeting Eunice to go TM to eat. and while i was there,
*this is in caps* i met fan fan!!!!!!!!!!! that's fan wei qi to you guys. she's so chio so chio so chio!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah. i'm star-struck. but before you start bashing me i have to clarify, i did like her before i saw her today. cos i saw her on 娱乐百分百 with 小S a couple of times before. She's so cute and kind and she sings great. omg - listen to me. i sound like a *bleep bleep blleeeeppping* bimbo. okie nvm, bimbo i shall be for today then. Oh yes, and being the bimbo that i am, i bought the *my boyfriend is type b* VCD at MJ.

yayyyy i'm so happy so happy so happy... oh yes i did criticise lame mushy romance movies before, and i did say that girls who watch them ought to be shot.. so.. SHOOT ME then. :X this is scary, i'm watching my decline into ordinary chinese fangirl-hood. this is very scary.

ANYWAYS.. i'm so fu*king tired right now.. after watching myboyfriendistypeb. and i realised i haven't done any of my pixel collage homework. woot! so dead.. so dead.. and my iPod is cocked-up. shit. *caps* MY iPOD IS FU*KING COCKED UP!! *Caps end*