Friday, September 29, 2006


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Where: Bishan Park 2, Banyan area (near the dog run) . Ang Mo Kio Ave. 1
Date: 8th October (SUNDAY)
Time: 10.30am-6pm
Buses: 133, 136 and 262
Nearest MRT: Ang Mo Kio
Parking: Available near the park and at Blk. 338

It’s soon going to be that time of year again where we celebrate a very important day - World Animal Day! This year SPCA will be celebrating World Animal Day at the Bishan Park on Sunday 8th October. Friends, family, pets are all invited!

The objective of SPCA organizing this event is to create a greater awareness of important issues such as animal abuse and responsible pet ownership. At present, the SPCA takes in over 1,000 unwanted animals (pets and strays) each month.

An exhibition detailing the work of the SPCA, including tips on responsible pet ownership, details on pet sterilisation, information about animal abuse and much more.

There will be rousing stage games where you can win attractive SPCA t-shirts and souvenirs.

An endearing play by Truth Theatre entitled “Paw Pals” will be staged with the aim to teach our young ones a valuable lesson on what it takes to be a responsible pet owner at 1pm.

ACRES will be having an exhibition to raise awareness on the illegal wildlife trade. There will be models showing the cruel ways in which wild animals are smuggled to supply the demand for exotic pets. There will also be a chance to learn the truth about bear bile farming and a see a life-size model of a bear on a bear farm. ACRES will let you know how you as an individual can help to stop the cruel trade in wild animals and their body parts.

For our junior animal lovers, there will be a bouncy castle and also face and hand painting and animal balloon sculpturing.

A pet advice corner, where members of the public can seek advice and consult with the SPCA to determine if they are ready for the lifetime commitment of buying a pet. A vet will be present from 2pm-4pm to answer any medical questions you may have regarding your pet.

If you sign on to be an SPCA member, you will get a goodie bag with lots of special goodies including SPCA merchandise.

There will be sale of SPCA merchandise. Look out for the new SPCA 2007 desk calendar and diaries, t-shirts and 2006 Christmas card designs.

Sale of customised pet name tags and animal plaques, sterling silver jewellery with animal motifs and paw prints designs and Science Diet pet food. A percentage of their sales will be donated to SPCA.

Running out of Christmas gift ideas ? A lovely local book called “More than a Dog’s Life -Datin’s Own Story” will be sold for $10 on that day with $2 of the proceeds going to SPCA. A children’s book (age 9 and above), it is ‘written’ from the perspective of a dog, a Golden Retriever, called Datin. It tells of her views, observations of life around her; her experiences in Singapore. Reading the book will help young people appreciate, and be more responsible for, other forms of life on the planet.

Take part in the Hill's-SPCA "Pound for Pound" Food Drive. When visitors buy a bag of food for the animals at the SPCA , Hill’s Science Diet will match every pound donated. What a wonderful way to contribute to the upkeep of our animals awaiting adoption at the SPCA!

An ear cleaning station will also be set up and manned by a qualified groomer to give ear cleaning services for $5 which will go to SPCA. If you buy a bottle of Earrific Ear Cleaner, your dog will get a free ear cleaning on the spot and all proceeds for the first 50 bottles sold will be donated to the SPCA. So get those furry ears ready for a good cause!

Also, there will be freshly baked doggie biscuits, pies and food items by US Bakery. It is wholesome goodness that your dogs will love.

Remember Noah’s Ark? Singapaw? Hello Doggie? Or the ever popular plain grey Stop Animal Abuse t-shirts? Now is the time to tell the SPCA which t-shirt you would like to see make a come back. Simply pick up the voting form, see each tee pictured and vote for your favourite! And if you can’t make up your mind, don’t worry! You can vote for up to three of your favourites. Those who voted for the most popular t-shirt will then go through a lucky draw where three people stand a chance to win attractive prizes.

SPCA is organizing for the very first time a rabbit grooming session. Grooming covers clipping nails, powder brushing, dematting fur, shaping paws and tail end furs. Short fur breed - $10 per bunhead & long fur breed - $20 per bunhead. All proceeds goes towards the upkeep of SPCA’s shelter animals. Email Yu Ling at to register your rabbit grooming time slot.

So pet owners, animal lovers, spare a thought for our furry friends and show your support for the SPCA and our cuddly friends this World Animal Day.

Remember to keep this day free and book your family and friends too.
(In the event of rain, the event will still go ahead as planned)


As part of SPCA’s World Animal Day celebrations, we will also be having merchandise sales and exhibition to raise awareness for our furry friends at the following MRT locations:
12th-13th October (Thursday and Friday) Raffles MRT Xchange 9.30am-8pm
20th -21st October (Friday and Saturday) Dhoby Ghaut Xchange
27th-28th October (Friday and Saturday) Dhoby Ghaut Xchange

(If you would like a copy of this information to forward to friends and relatives, please email )

Thursday, September 28, 2006


sometimes it's easy to lose sight of your original goals when you are submerged in the abyss of bureaucratic shit. i joined the grad book team because i wanted to effect change from internally. to voice out what the majority of the cohort was saying and to put it this way:

i joined the orh orh ji peng.

and my interests realigned with the committee and like any other sucker i began to believe in the doublespeak and doublespeak became the truth for me because the propagandic bullshit manufactured seeped into my brains and i sold my soul to the fucking devil.

and instead of voicing out what the majority of the cohort is saying i started to think that the cohort was against us personally because when you are trying your best to service an unreceptive audience, you start to think that they are all against you and that their sole purpose in life was to make things harder for us by being uncooperative both mentally and physically.

and instead of thinking for the cohort, thinking of ways to cut down the budget, thinking of ways to increase the participation, it became "us" against "them in the battle for finance and participation in the graduation book. and it became - for me at least - something that was to be won. i stopped thinking like the common man in the cohort and started taking a "it's either you die or i die" stance against them - which totally defeats the original purpose of my joining the committee.

power corrupts, yes. very much so. and then i asked myself what have i actually done to achieve my original goals?

what were my original goals actually?

i can't remember now. i think it was something along the lines of "get those bastards and justice will prevail" thing - but i just ended up being one of the bastards.

ironic isn't it?

and so i apologise to every single fucking person in the cohort who has fucked my brains up with this epiphany i just had.

i'm not a self-sacrificing idiot. truth is - all of us are selfish creatures. the time i have spent on this graduation book thing is more than any amount of time you have spent on it. the amount of time you have spent criticising it, and complaining about it would have been better spent on constructive criticism and actual help on the book.

of course, i knew what i was getting into, but the complaints and criticisms just wore me down and quite frankly, i'm fucking sick of your attitude. if you want it, do something about it. sitting there on your couch, typing insults on the internet, leaving annonymous complaints without giving us suggestions on how to improve the graduation book is just frankly, a fucking pain in the ass.

so go fuck yourselves and have a nice day.



watch this if you watch nothing else i've posted in my blog.

george galloway is woah.

give da man some R E S P E C K!

and. yes. back to more surfing on the internet.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


i wanted to blog about something REALLYYYY important. then i forgot what it is.

anyways. chavez called bush the devil. in front of the freaking UN.


but i disagree. the devil would have more intelligence and charisma than that bumbling oaf of a shrub. and the devil is reportedly wickedly handsome.



this is what happens when you put a fucking hack who can't talk right, can't think at all, miserable excuse for a human on the president's seat.

okay. i wanted to say something else but that fleeting thought escaped my brain again.


am i going senile?

oh yes. i'm re-watching my 12 Kingdoms VCD again.

yay Youko rawks my sox!

and En-O is so hot.

yeh. me likes Fuyumi Ono.

and i wants $$ to buy her novels.


and i end this ramble.


Saturday, September 23, 2006

the thing with the bodies

in the wake of madrid's ban of models that are too thin, the same old discussions/arguments/talks whatevers are stirred up again. and again. and again.

as if we aren't aware of the increasing numbers of girls who are anorexic or bulimic or suffering from some random health-threatening eating disorder. you know what's wrong with this world?


yes. barbie dolls. they're what's wrong with this world.

you give this little girl a barbie doll, barbie clothes, and leave her to play with it till maybe adolescence and what is she going to learn from the barbie doll?

she's going to learn that only beautiful, thin people can be popular.

she's going to learn that she has to have the perfect body to fit those clothes.

she's going to learn that being pretty and popular and having equally vapid, pretty friends is the only thing that makes a person's life fulfilled. much like the mcdonald's happy meal.

honestly, to mess up a kid's brain at the tender age of - what? - five is really fucked up.

well, fuck you barbie.

anyways. that wasn't the point.

point is, we need to feel comfortable in our bodies. whatever colour, whatever size it may be. easier said than done when you consider the bombardments of advertisements telling you






well, fuck you world.

there's perfectly nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight, but i think one should do it for the right purposes, and motivations.

it could be that you want to look better

or you want to be healthier

but the main thing is

YOU want to do it for yourself

not because you buckled under the pressure from everybody saying that thin is good and thin is happy.

of course i played with barbie dolls growing up. but it was more of the dismembering and ripping heads off variety.

and this ends my rant.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

i have discovered god.

and his name is Robert. G. Ingersoll. awesomeness.

and on a side note.

some people are so behind in the evolutionary chain, i cannot see them as human beings at all.

like somewhere along Darwin's evolutionary theory, man - or rather, one person went back a few hundred steps

back to the amoeba stage

simple one cell organisms without brains

without sense

without anything that distinguishes humans from pieces of shit

and i wonder

what the fuck is their purpose on earth?

and i realize.

the answer is simple, actually.

they're to make us feel smarter.

look smarter.

be smarter.


i love stupid people.

Friday, September 15, 2006


so you can tell i'm really bored.

Anyways. somewhere in between my naps and youtube marathons.

our beloved gahmen has yet again. AGAIN. and again and again.

managed to screw themselves in the backside.


i'd laugh if it weren't so sad.

hahahhahahahah. i'll laugh anyways.

4 million smiles to welcome the world!

come on people! good service! good service!

be proud of singapore!

show singapore's best side to the world!


i wonder at the competence of those whom we pay millions to run our country.

firstly, initiating such a fucking lousy-lame assed campaign.

secondly, for shooting themselves in the foot after shooting said fucking lousy-lame assed campaign.

thirdly, just because i support the opposition.

thank you mr gahmen.

thank you for making me ashamed of my country.

and now i'll go rinse my gag.

haven't taken it off since i was born.

i think the gahmen should issue new ones.

i've grown out of mine.




steamed sotongs


cheese crackers


apple/grape juice.

Mad TV - Commercials - Ecstasy

Surreal Life Janice & Omarosa Fight....again

this roxxorrss my soxxorrs
P!nk - I'm Not Dead Tour Diary (Episode 6)

how cute are they. aww.


the official start of my holidays.


and i've been lolling around in bed all day. waking up periodically to surf the net. then go back to sleep.


Thursday, September 14, 2006


just for curiosity's sake.

how many of you actually knew that LED ZEPPELIN came to SINGAPORE for a concert?

and how many of you knew that the officials refused to let them play because they had long hair?


WHAT? OOhh.. the big scary people with long hair are gonna ged us!!!! beware the long haired people! THEY KILL BABIES AND EAT THEM RAW! THEY WORSHIP THE DEVIL!



it is because of people like these that we are plagued by mediocre ineptitude in the local music scene - for the most part. finding a good band is like searching for a needle in a haystack full of pimply little bastards holding to their guitar cases thinking they're really cool. playing to attract the girls. copying from some band or another. covering songs 99.99% of the time.


okay. so i wasn't born back then.

so what!?!


end of rant.

i still can't believe they didn't let them play.


Monday, September 11, 2006


Did you know turtles can breathe through their butts? i don't know if this is true but suppose you can breathe through your butt - very cool huh. if their butt had olfactory senses i'd bet most of them probably die through suffocation.

imagine a reverse fart. yeah. that's breathing through your butt for you.

bah. okay i have nothing else to blog about now. bye.

Friday, September 08, 2006

khaki day today

in memory of steve irwin, croc hunter. we'll miss him.

Monday, September 04, 2006

yay. update.

and you thought this blog is defunct?






okay. and good food + good food + good food = fatty bom bom. yeah.