Wednesday, August 31, 2005

2 more days...

OH mannnn.. SUPER TIRED.. this week averaging 3-4 hrs of slp/night. dark circles become black circles liao. can go zoo become panda!!!

super broke too.. T_T spent 7.50 printing my stuff which didn't turn out well, had to print again, 9 bucks. so total 16.50 T_T

oh the other hand.

i got to eat zaru soba!!! yay!!! and chawanmushi. yummmmmmmyyyyyy........ half of which is chunz treat. muahaha.

heh heh. finally got the book(s) that i wanted

Selected Poems and Letters - Authur Rimbaud (Penguin Classics) $32.03


Hitler and the Holocaust - Robert S. Wistrich (Modern Library) $24.27

from Kino.

broke.. AGAIN.. just not even beginning of the month.

anybody wanna be sugar daddy? T_T

or anybody wanna buy my paintings?

or donate to my charity?

i very transparent one.


ericsson has this quite interesting post about the difference btw how westerners and easterners see the world.

zuco's blog post of children in Beslan is pretty interesting too

just copy and paste in your browser becoz i dunno how to link. :X

Mind Fuck


haha. okie. a little something i did to help maintain my sanity.

Image Hosted by

large version : can use as wallpaper if you want. ;)
click on the thumbnail below

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

For Kucinta


i know i said next week. but i was taking a break from all the work. so i decided to do yours first. XD

Image Hosted by


Okay, people reading my blog.. thanks for all the feedback and compliments. e heh. my head cannot fit through the door liao..


Starting NEXT WEEK i will be SUPER FREE!!

Why? Because my SCHOOL HOLIDAY is finally (almost) here!!


If you want to be "drawn" by me, drop me a comment + link to your blog. :D

I'll draw you - based on my impressions on your blog.
extras can be thrown i.e. your blog add and name. Specify what you want in the comment.
You can use it in your blog or anywhere else, all i ask is for you to credit me.

heh heh.

Any takers?

scarly i paiseh myself becoz nobody wants me to draw.



my nerves are frazzled. T_T one week more! JUST ONE MORE WEEK and NO MORE hellish deadlines and shit!!

my mom is locked in the toilet. door knob got problem. :X wahahaha!! ...shouldn't laugh.. *oops*

can't wait for everything to be over! DIE!

Image Hosted by

my photoshop cs2 trial ends today T_T stupid singtel family plan block my crack sites... IDIOT..


still got ps7.0

hai. T_T~ go buy the educational version. cheaper. bleahx.

Monday, August 29, 2005

a whole world

sometimes i feel like dying just to know what is there beyond death. what happens when we die? do we just disappear? or do we become spirits? do we go to hell or heaven? is there a hell or heaven in the first place?

what if those christians die and find out there never was a god in the first place?

i mean, a body is just flesh and blood. maybe it is our soul that gives us our thoughts and feelings. maybe it's just the hormones or chemicals in our brains. would we still have thoughts and feelings if we didn't have a soul? or is it just the chemicals?

does the soul live on after death? or does it perish with the physical body?

but so what if i find out? i can't come back to life to say that i know what it is like after death.

oh well. i suppose we'll all find out sooner or later.

Image Hosted by


HAHA. i took the job predictor test via kucinta via Lisa and guess what?

My ideal job is a GOD for everyone.



eh wait. that phrase got copyright?

i wanted the suicide bomber one though. :/


loud, tasteless handphone ringtones are on the top of my hate list. most people think it's so cool that they have such stylo ringtones, but they don't realize how tasteless it is, (not to mention how poor quality it almost always is) and how it shows off their retard-ness and lack of brain cells. if a handphone ringtone is a reflection of who you are, then i think most people in singapore are morons who like to "show off" though i don't know what the hell they are showing off.

even better, people who play their ringtones on max volume on trains and buses. disgusting. they should just get hit by the bus or fall down the train tracks and get run over by the MRT. then their brains (?) or whatever that fills up the space between their ears can spill all over and then maybe i see a bit of bone and blood.


had to restrain myself from slapping this malay "hoochimama" today in the bus. kept playing don't phunk with my heart with her friend. at LEAST 6 times.


die! you people with loud handphone ringtones. DIE..


I SWEAR I'M INSANE. i just spent the whole night reading fan-fics and i have a submission due today.. ARGHHH...

somebody save me from myself......

this is too early in the morning to be blogging.



Sunday, August 28, 2005


can't think of anything to write about so i shall post up some of my drawings, new and old.


in chronological order.

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

yeah. i'm really really bored.
but anyways, comments please. tell me what you love or hate about it. :X

Saturday, August 27, 2005

bday msg from kha

i swear she's psychic or sth. :X everytime i'm feeling down she does something like that. -_-"
kha - thanks anyways. LOL!

My LONG LONG LONG overdue bday msg from kha!

>>>> ANN !! My best friend plus sister plus all the bad and good. I can't think of many vocabulary words now 'cos the flu medicine is starting to take effect, as I've just realised. Haha ! But I MUST do this 'cos I promised a looooong msg for you on your birthday !

2002 till now. Hope it goes on...haha ! We are changing all the time, definitely, in character and personality and all...but I hope at the end of the day, you will know that I still regard you as my sister, and I want the best for you...for you to see the best of the world and your life =) Try to stop being cynical at times and be more positive yeah ? Life's not all bad. And wear something else other than black can ? You taking over Gek's ex wardrobe now issit ? Lol.

Seeing you enjoy what you do now...and excelling in it really makes me glad =) I've seen and heard you since our secondary school days. Haha ! How you dreaded each and every lesson, especially SS 'cos of a certain someone. Heh. How you had no interest in what we were learning 'cos it wasn't what you wanted to do... And now you are working all out to make all your dreams happen...that's good ! Go for it yeah ? Jia you !

You're finally 18 now. Yes yes...can finally buy alcohol legally and stuff but try to control hor. I dowan to hear you coming to me and telling me you're pregnant or sth (*gasps!*) Just kidding la...haha !!! Go for your dreams and whatever you do, just make you you won't regret it yeah ? I'm here for you yep yep ? So is Vera =) Your two da jies. Lol. much as you hate it, you're still youngest and we'll always treat you like our xiao mei. Muahahaha !

Okay, I have to stop typing now 'cos I'm really not gonna make anymore sense if I continue typing. So take care you girls and all the best k ? *hugs* <<<<


how nice to have real friends

yeah, mushy. but whatever XP

kha : don't make me write a letter in reply.. lol~ i cannot write positive stuff lidat :X

the line begins to blur

I'm feeling particularly mean and nasty today. Didn't hold the lift door open for one of my neighbour people just now. but doesn't matter, they never say thanks anyways, so i closed the door right in front of their face.

everything's starting to not make sense, there's this sense of betrayal from people i thought were my friends. thought being the operative word here. but no matter, i'll just swallow my words down like i've begun to do lately and keep my thoughts to myself. i''ll continue smiling at them. i'm starting to hate me now.

the line begins to blur - nine inch nails

there are things that i said i would never do
there are fears that i cannot believe have come true
for my soul is too sick and too little and too late
and myself i have grown too weary to hate

the more i stay in here
the more it's not so clear
the more i stay in here
the more i disappear

as far as i have gone
i knew which side i'm on
now i'm not so sure
the line begins to blur

is there somebody on top of me
i don't know, i don't know

isn't anybody stopping me?
i don't know, i don't know

well i'm trying to hold my breath
just how far down can i go?
i don't know, i don't know, i don't know

as i lie here and stare
the fabric starts to tear
it's far beyond repair
and i don't really care

as far as i have gone
i knew what side i'm on
now i'm not so sure
the line begins to blur

Friday, August 26, 2005


sometimes i wonder why we are put here on this earth. most of us fritter our lives away, breathing, eating, shiting, working and playing. what do we contribute to this world? if any of us die, would we be remembered? and if we are remembered, how long would we be remembered? what is our reason for being here?

if i died right now, no doubt my family would miss me. maybe my friends. but for how long? how long before they stop mourning me and continue with their lives, like i've never even been in it? i'd like to think i've enriched their lives just by being in it, but i think we all know otherwise. so what's my reason for being here, now?

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Being a Singaporean

I was walking home from school tonight when I walked past a longkang with our National Flag lying half in it. Horrors of horrors. I think it's been lying there for a few hours, maybe more. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!??! This flag is the flag we sing the MariKita and say the pledge to. CAN'T YOU PEOPLE EVEN BE BOTHERED TO PICK IT UP AND RIGHT IT?!?!?


Chunz : Since when did you become so patriotic?

Me :I'm anti-Lee Dynasty but pro-Singapore.

Just because I always comprain about the politics and Lee-dynasty of Singapore doesn't mean I'm unpatriotic. Lee dynasty not = Singapore okie! (although some may beg to differ) Singapore is Singapore. We must love our country okie! Otherwise who will? The bangladeshi workers sweeping our roads ar? Or those "foreign talents" ?

Okie anyways, I went to the longkang to pick it up and tried to find something to tie it up with. :/ Several people walked past, looked on curiously but didn't even bother to offer help. BASTARDS! So chunz was standing on the pavement holding on to my stuff while I rummaged through my bag to find something to tie it up with. But no string, so bopian have to tie it up with a crummy Spotlight plastic bag. Oh well, at least it's not lying in our longkang. :|

It's a really really sad sad SADDDD day when nobody, no SINGAPOREANS bother to pick up our National Flag from the gutters. Maybe it reflects where Singapore is heading.


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

lkweh piuewh fkjhsf nsdfpqpoof kashf

Why do people think that asians bonking ang mohs and blogging about it is very liberal? Actually, if a person is really liberal, they wouldn't think bonking ang moh is liberal.

Cool! I just found out that when I place both my hands over the speakers of my PowerBook, the screen dims. S O C O O L ! ! !

Charmed is like the lamest show ever. EVER. I don't know why I still bother watching it.
paige: "why? why would they do that?"

I have too many projects and deadlines.

I'm sick of all those slimming advertisments. goddammit.

I hate being broke.

Liv Tyler is so hot.

Hong Kong/China period dramas are so lameeee..... Their computer graphics suck, especially when it comes to dragons and condors. There's no blood on their swords after a battle. People (stupid morons rushing up to the hero) go down after being kicked/slashed once. 1 man can fight off 20 extras by radiating waves. Girls in period dramas are irritatingly perky/arrogant/spoilt/stupid. What happened to those good ol' chinese movies with Lin Ching Hsia and Maggie Cheung?

Stairway to Heaven is stupid and cliched. Why would anybody still love a person after 5 years? It is pure bullshit that 15 year-old boys/girls can remain in "love" over a seperated period of 5 years. Their only memory of each other is from 5 years ago, which is like frozen in time. PEOPLE CHANGE goddammit. The main characters seem to live in limbo. Why do the producers think that amusement parks are romantic? Why do people say it's tragically romantic when a main character dies leaving the other to pine for him/her? *oops, spoiler*

okie.. i need sleep.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005





i feel like there's alot alot alot alot ALOT of snakes in my stomach.. T_T too many deadlines TOO MANY TOO MANY!!!

no real updates for today!


Oh yeah, i'm going China Oct-Nov. is blogger allowed in china? :/ anybody knows ? ? ?

Monday, August 22, 2005


Sometimes I wonder why the hell we keep in touch with our "old" friends wayyyy back from sec school. Everytime you see them, you feel awkward and at a loss for what to say or do. The only conversation you trade are the cliched "Hey, long time no see! How's life? Oh great? That's good. MMm.. yeah yeah. Okie, cya!"

Even your closest friends drift away because they have their own life and their own friends. I can't help but think sometimes, friends are actually redundant. But probably that's because I'm a anti-social psychopath. Afterall the activities I usually do don't exactly require company, reading, drawing, listening to music.. etc.. I can probably count the number of friends I have on 1 hand. Pathetic? Yeah, but good also. No more headache about backstabbing and etc. Oddly, its usually the people that you were closest to that you feel most awkward with.

To hell with them!


Enough of the mushy stuff. To the real stuff now.

The National Day Speech Rally!! (Yeah, i know it's a little slow XP)

Even though I often bitch about the gahmen and all, I'm glad we have such a competent gahmen, us the peasants have no need to havoc and comprain. Okie la, got comprain, but no major ones okie! I really have to credit them for their forward-looking-ness and ability to brainwash us peasants. *oops* So let us observe a minute of silence to pay our respect(s) to the MIW.


Do you ever notice how the camera will always pan from PM Lee to the captive.. no wait, captivated audience just in time to see them nod their heads in agreement? I swear it is the gahmen-media conspiracy to brain-wash the singaporean people.

"AH, yes! Just like that. Perfect angle. Yes, yes! *Demonic laughter* Singapore will beLong to ME! ME ME ME ME!
As long as those stupid peasants see the other stupid peasants nod their heads in agreement to what i'm saying, they'll think what i'm saying is right! RIGHT! and they will nod their heads in agreement. And SINGAPORE WILL BELONG TO ME! .....Eh? No wait, it already does. But whatever. MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE!! SINGAPORE WILL BELONG TO ME! "

And then the PM Lee.. talk in melayu damned power, but then come to the cheenaise is bery the "powderful". Peng, I think like one quarter of the intonation of the chinese words is incorrect, summore stumbled over so many many many words. LOL!
But sibei power. I think ask me to memorize, i can only memorize the first part.

"Dear Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you for joining me tonight...... As you all know, watching and listening to the national day speech rally is compulsory because all the stations are playing me tonight! Even the TWO chinese stations, with the exact same chinese voiceover, just to emphasize the importance of the chinese language in the coming years ahead! You know now the ang moh also want to learn chinese! They bring their kids to Singapore so they can recieve our powerful bilingual education! *silence*

*looks around for the script*

"Oh yes, sorry. Where was I? Ah. Yes, the ang mohs. *reads from script in monotonous voice*"

So yah man, our PM Lee damned power. All hail the PM Lee! Long live the emperor! 皇帝吉祥!皇帝万岁万岁万万岁!

*like i've said before. don't sue me! i'm just a stupid innocent kid! (innocent face)*

Everyday is exactly the same - Nine Inch Nails

i believe i can see the future because i repeat the same routine
i think i used to have a purpose and then again that might have been a dream
i think i used to have a voice now i never make a sound
i just do what i've been told i really don't want them to come around

oh no

every day is exactly the same there is no love here and there is no pain
every day is exactly the same i can feel their eyes are watching
in case i lose myself again
sometimes i think i'm happy here sometimes i still pretend
i can't remember how this all got started but i can tell you - exactly - how it will end

every day is exactly the same
every day is exactly the same
there is no love here and there is no pain
every day is exactly the same

i'm writing on a little piece of paper i'm hoping someday you might find
i'll hide it behind something they don't look behind
i am still inside here a little bit comes bleeding through
i wish this could have been any other way
i just don't know what else i can do

every day is exactly the same

Sunday, August 21, 2005

A apple a day keeps the technicians away?

My Apple Powerbook 15" has been running A WHOLE LOT slower than usual lately, and I finally figured out why. The lower memory slot is dead. Broken. GEHHHH..... Apparently this is a very common problem with Powerbook users, some sway ones get it outside warrenty. Some even more sway ones change logicboard 3 or 4 times. Wah lau eh... Those interested can surf the forums for this "infamous" problem.

Mr Jobs ar, can't you just solve the problem once and for all? I think replacing all the damaged logicboards is going to cost you more than what it would take for you guys to resolve the problem. Later macheads turn blackface sia. Then boycott your apple. then you how?

ARGH. Should be taking it to the Apple Center tomorrow. :/ Hope I don't have to wait a few days for it to come back. Else I have to wait till school's over before I send it for repair. Dammit.


Yeck.. I woke up this morning because i felt this wet sensation near my mouth running down my cheeks. I thought I drooled in my sleep or something, so I wiped the back of my hand across. Instead of saliva I found blood. My lips cracked while I was sleeping. LOL!! Alot of blood sia. Eheh heh.

I had this really weird dream involving MM Lee and Shakespeare. Suffice to say, it was a... very.. "educational" dream. :X I'll leave it to your imaginations. But don't think slanted. XP

Mika Nakashima's new mini-album coming out 31st August! Yay~!!! End/Start of month got money. YAy!!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

I'm bored..

Image Hosted by

I'll be editing this later, posting up more photos. :X So come back later yah.



I'm supposed to meet with my arts appreciation group member like 15 minutes ago, so guess what? ALL of them FUCKING MESSAGED ME THAT THEY'D BE LATE. ....Why the hell did I even BOTHER to turn up?

Okie. Whatever. *BREATHE*

...GRRRRRRRRRRRRR..... BITCHES. BITCHES! ........i fucking hate them. shitheads.


Okie, two turned up, other three went MIA.


:X i'm starting to sound like snowy.


If Mr Nathan had a blog...

Dear blog,

It has been a tiring and weary day for me. I fought a long and bitter battle with Mr Andrew Kuan and emerged victorious. Finally, I get a second term at rolling out the red carpet for the foreign diginitaries and championing the President's Star Charity.

I must say, the NKF debacle has helped the PSC in the recent fund raiser I attended. Though tragic, I cannot help but gloat over T.T. Durai's misfortune. He had to run an entire organization for just mere peanuts, while I sit here in comfort, enjoying my life as president, with no one complaining about the money I get without doing even a quarter of what he's doing. How life has changed from the times I served as the Japaneses' dog. Now instead of translating for them, I get to sit and enjoy tea and sushi with them. Indeed, how life has changed.

I am glad my recent check-ups showed that I am hale and hearty. I want to live long enough to enjoy the 2.3 million I earn every year.

Meeting Hsien Long at the Istana tomorrow for a celebratory meal, though we've planned it 2 months in advance, we're still going to act surprised at my winning the elections. I must say it is very obliging of JTC and Hyflux to come out and speak against Mr Kuan. Patriots, all of them.

Note to self, remember to address the public on my concerns over the growing disparities of the wage the lower income families and remind the wife not to mention anything related to nuts. We wouldn't want what happened to Choo Leng happen to us! God forbid, no.

Dear blog, I am turning in for the night. All these excitement over the non-election has tuckered me out. I will write in you tomorrow.

Your Singaporean President,


Friday, August 19, 2005


Took a political quiz thing at

Here's the results.


OH MAN! mah connection's back! so fast yeah? -_-"

Anyways, i called the support guy (who has a really sexy voice XD) and he made me do all the configuration dunno what.. made me run up and down and up and down until my legs gave out, because the windows com is downstairs (wireless) and the imac is in my room (ethernet). wah lao eh.. i think i lost another 5 kgs today. piang..

i just hope this works out otherwise i have to bring it all the way down to the support center. X_X

Okie. haha~!! HAHA HAHAHAH!! I love wireless.

*huff huff*


Thursday, August 18, 2005


It's really REALLY hazy outside, everything's shrouded in a white mist. If it's not from the indonesian forest fires, then it's the burning of incense and joss sticks. :P It's the seventh month afterall.

Okie, the wireless modem in my room's not working properly so I may not update as much. Yeah, who am i kidding? XP

I don't like typing on this computer so I'll just stop here and update when I'm in school.


Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I don't know why is there still such a big BIG fuss about abortion. The same things have been said over and over and over and OVER AND OVER again. blah blah.. the child feels pain at dunno how many weeks, developed nerves and what not shit. How would the child feel if they knew you didn't want it? la di da di daeee.. SO WHAT? Animals feel pain too. They feel like shit when their owners abandon them. I DON'T SEE ANY OF YOU BITCHES GETTING YOUR KNICKERS IN A TWIST ABOUT IT.

IMHO, having an abortion is no different from culling a dog or cat. In fact, culling an animal is worse, you SOBs who like to call the AVA for no apparent reason, why don't you cull your own annoying kids? If you eat meat voluntarily, you have no right to say abortion is wrong. NO RIGHT. bitch.

Besides, what distinguishes humans from animals is our intelligence. A newborn baby is no better than a dog, other than the fact that it is a human - which doesn't really say anything. Yada yada.. yes, the baby will prolly learn some new things blah blah blah.. so what? You're killing a foetus. Not a child. Foetus not = human okie.

Yes, yes. A life is a life. But think about it, if the parent(s) are thinking about abortion, it means that they do not have the capability to take care of it, finiancially or otherwise. So keep the child and let it live a life of misery, or end it when it doesn't even know what's happening?

END IT. If you bitches are really humane, you wouldn't want the child to suffer. So stop your righteous yapping and go sit in the corner.

Now, what I'm really trying to say here I fully and whole-heartedly support abortion.

Perfect Dog

Why my dog is perfect for me.

1) He knows when to kowtow.

2) He's a hypocrite

3) He obeys only when there's a reward

5) He doesn't ever stop yapping

6) He hates my brother

7) He's a sneaky little bastard

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Time Travel

*Random rave that doesn't really make sense*

I was just wondering, if time travel is possible, then how many alternate universes do we have?

Assuming we're able to return to the past/go to the future at any one given time, it'd mean that every nano-second, a new alternate universe is being created, and from that moment, evolution begins, the dinosaurs, adam and eve/apes becoming human, etc, etc.

Which would mean that whatever you did just now, a version of you in an alternate universe is doing now, and vice versa.

Isn't that cool?

Even as I type, some plankton is evolving from the sea to become a whale/dinosaur/cockroach right now.

oh man. that is SO COOL.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Breaking Olympic Record

Today started out nice and slow, waking up at 10am, puttering around the room, doing my Photoshop-ing and Freehand on the bed. ahhh... life is nice......... skipped applied illustrations to finish the assignment...

then it went completely haywire.


At approximately 2.30pm, Mr TTC called me to tell me that the deadline for the assignment was 3pm.


It gets worse. My appointment with the printing guy was at 3.30pm, half an hour AFTER my assignment is due. So I was scrambling around my room trying to get everything I have to bring with me, then I realize that I CAN'T FIND MY THUMBDRIVE!!!!! No thumbdrive = No printing because I didn't have any spare CD-Rs with me then. So it took about 5 minutes to find my damned thumbdrive, then I got out of the house, chiong downstairs to catch a cab to school.

What is it about those damned cabs? When you don't need them, they're everywhere. When you need them, they're nowhere to be found.

***** ** ***!!!!

So I waited while walking to the bus stop, then in front of me about 10m, this lady was getting out of the cab. So I ran........ and got to the cab in time.



That snail of a driver. ******* There are about 3 traffic lights from my house to the school and SWAY SWAY we stopped at all of them. WHAT THE ****?!? The heavens is against me. :/

Okie, by this time it's about 2:50pm. 10 more minutes before the deadline is over and I STILL HAVEN'T PRINTED MY SUBMISSION COPY. Ran all 5 floors up - because the lift as usual was congested - to the print shop. Heng ar, today of all days not crowded. *thanks the whatever gods that cleared out the print shop*

Ooh. Then J-rocker walked in. And I started drooling.


Well, he did walk in, but I was too kanchiong to care about him liao, *DAMMIT!* so I lost a perfectly good chance to oogle at him. T_T

Yeah, anyways. We were supposed to bring our own paper. ARGH! Another panic attack. Hah. Nevermind, the nice lady gave me free paper to print on - even though the quality not very good, but thanks!

Okie, so after that I went into the studio to find mounting board. Just to confirm I asked the Aloycious? Aloysious? guy if we had to "frame" the a3 paper. (Proper word is mount, but at that time I just couldn't remember) I think he thinks I'm an incoherent idiot. So as it turns out, we DO have to MOUNT the a3 paper and there was no mounting board in the studio.

So what to do? Run lor.

Ran all the way down to the first floor, then all the way to the bookshop and then all the way back to the school. I swear, I've lost at least 5kg with all that running today. Must have been a funny sight for those sitting in the canteen. Me, holding a big red plastic bag running towards the bookshop and running back with a big red plastic bag plus two mounting boards and a uhu glue stick -all within five minutes. UGH. My legs turned into jelly liao. So bo pian, if ask me crawl up the flight of stairs to the staff office I think I oso cannot.

Lucky I got there *in time*, at around 3:03pm. Then while I was standing outside the stuffy staff room, trying to glue the a3 paper to the mounting board and praying that my legs would hold out, peggy walks out. ..... oh man.... But she accepted the work, so heng la.

Okie - so now the appointment with the printer guy. Oredi make appointment how to cancel? Knn.. Have to wait for him for like 20 minutes for a piece of a3 paper that costs $3. T_T Then while waiting I got a cup of peppermint milk tea, and as it turns out, it's not good to drink peppermint milk tea after a marathon. My stomach felt disconnected to the rest of my body and I almost threw up. :/

Yah. So I got the useless a3 thing printed, then got into a cab because I don't think I can walk another step and GUESS WHAT?


So I got the taxi uncle to turn around and head back to the print shop. Well, I didn't find it there but I found it on the near the kerb where I was waiting for the taxi. Wah Lao Eh...

Total Expenditure for the day :

Taxi : $3.40
Mounting Boards + Uhu Stick Glue : $7.80
Peppermint Milk Tea : $1.10
Printing a3 : $3.00
Taxi : $5.00


random raving of a sleep starved girl.

right, i was on the com and typing out some reply to a forum when my daddy asked what i was doing. -_-" so i told him about the "battle" in the forum and him being the ex-communist with political aspirations, was intrigued by what actually goes on online. T_T oh my gawd. what have i just done to myself? he's trying to get me to set up a website for his "Party Century 21" this imaginary political party in his head.

but i must say it's thanks to him, i'm not like one of those manufactured in the pap factory dolls who don't question or query any or everything the gahmen says. :/ knowing my dad was thrown in jail by LKY ain't a big factor for liking him eh? but it's cool. my dad i mean. my mom, she's pretty cool too - i never had to do any assesment books, played through psle and o lvls and not do any homework i didn't want to. not that she knew that though. but it was them who inspired my love? passion? obsession? for reading. goddamned. books are expensive. :/

LOL~ oh man, i don't remember doing any homework from secondary sch, except for ms low's english class. everything else was copied from multiple miscellaneous people. muahaha~ which kinda explain why i got 17/100 for my a maths in prelims. WAHAHAAHAHA. mdm quek u ***** who looked down on students like me i ******* you ***** ** ****. yeah. miss low.. the holy terror from hell who manages to make me piss in my skirts everytime her face turns black. but i miss her and her reign of terror - i think i might be one of those masochistic people - >_< greatest teacher ever to walk the earth, definitely. mrs keong, i kinda miss her too. with her lame chinese game nobody actually plays, dedicated teacher devoted to teaching students the beauty of the chinese language. ahh.. those were the dayysss... my youth, gone. forever. T_T

being 18 is a pain in the arse. responsibility, accountability all the ____billity things. eck.
forgive the incorrect english, singlish wadever __lish. it's 3 in da morning. :/

Sunday, August 14, 2005

i'm in the midst of a interesting "argument" right now with a little boy from new jersey. :D how fun! just what i need to liven up my day. heh heh. those interested, >> .

okie updates :

Nathan is going to be the UNCONTESTED president for this term- again. It's a sad day for us in Singapore today, when all the good and morally upright people we have in Singapore is limited to an old, Indian man with health problems.

Ah. But it's expected. :/

Not that I'd vote for Andrew Kuan la, because i don't like his face much, and not that i'm of legal age yet, but HELL, the political scene in Singapore is boring. BORING.

On the plus side, the WP (Workers' Party) has formed a youth wing. It's kinda weird they call it the YOUTH wing because most of them are in their late 20s -early 30s. Er.. if that's youth, we younger-than-youths are called? Babies? Kids?

*OKIE.. to those of you who are complaining about the boring political stuff.... do you really wanna read about how i spend my day??? Sleep, wake up, eat, go sch, go home, eat, sleep. and shit." My life is *that* boring. i know you know. :x*

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday to Chun Yi! Today's her b-day. Happy birthday to youuuuuuu.... blah blah.. the monkeys in the zoo and all that crap. and you look like a donkeeyyyy...

Happy 18th Bday!

Friday, August 12, 2005

is silence always golden?


*This is gonna be a pretty long and boring post*

I was talking to Maro about the (crazy) Chee guy from the Singapore Democratic Party. Although I do agree that most of what he says is crap and bullshit, I kinda admire him for his unrelenting "enthusiasm". Most of what he says is just repharsed mud-sling shots aimed at the gahmen. Isn't that the case in opposing political parties all over the world?

Bush : Kerry sucks. I'm better. Vote for me.
Kerry : Bush is a stupid idiot, I can do a better job. Vote for me.

Yes, that's what politics is all about. Running expensive campaigns to sling mud at your opponents, only in Singapore's case, the gahmen dowan to get down and dirrrrty with the crazy Chee. They just whoop their opponent's ass and cram a lawsuit up their hole.

Following the logic that it takes 2 to take 1 man down, sending a riot squad to stop 4 people wearing t-shirts and holding placards is both a waste of money and resource. Singapore too safe, so got chance must show off issit? Show off how incompetent our civil forces are, and how they need an entire squad to control the "demonstrators" ?

(*Random thought*

I wonder what the gahmen would do if a riot reaching the "epic proportions" (around 10,000 *considering it's Singapore - can't ask for too much*) of the protestors against Arroyo marched in Singapore? Would they send out the entire civil defense force? Or would they just arrest everybody? Hmmm... What if 10 000 people protested in groups of 4? HEH HEH HEH.)

Yeah anyways. Back to topic.

Apart from that, I find it hard to believe how ANY SINGAPOREAN would actually call in to complain them for public disturbance. Not the complain part cos we all know that's our favourite past-time, but knowing how KPO Singaporeans are, most people would just crowd around and enjoy the show. And maybe admire their guts a little because we have no balls of our own.

And the weirdest thing is, I don't see alot of media reports about this so-called "Demonstration".
Yeah, the MIW are brainwashing us.

All of us.


My next get-rich-quick scheme :

Selling white t-shirts with the exact same words the protestors were wearing. I bet will sell-out.
HAHA. Then I can laugh my way to the bank. HA HA HA HA HAHAHAHAHA.

which way to the nearest bank?


goddamned.. i'm so tired i can hardly keep my eyes open..

so many things happened but i dunno where to start. Hmmmm...

Right, first of all, the president-elections fiasco.. I think the PAP/MIW should just stop pretending that the people have a choice and just declare nathan the president for the Nth term. Not that I am FOR the a new president but I think it would be good if we actually have SOME competitors to keep the government from growing complacent. (which they already are) At least let them feel a little heat. Maybe right now it's just the warmth of a tiny candle-flame, easily snuffed out by a blow, but sooner or later it's going to be a forest fire, generating so much smoke the Men in White are gonna be chao tar. Honestly, white is not a flattering colour - not the way they wear it anyways. And it doesn't reflect them at all. I think grey would be a much nicer colour,
it's not pure, not transparent, drab colour which doesn't inspire passion. GREY is what they should wear.

Today in the MRT.. right, Why do I always meet weird people in the MRT?
There was this weird guy who got up at the Tampines MRT station, who was mumbling to himself while carrying a BIG BLACK radio. so he was just standing there, muttering to himself softly at first, right smack in the middle of the MRT door, blocking whoever is getting in/out.. so for the entire journey from Tampines to Cityhall, he was mumbling something like :

do you know why he went to jail? he was framed. i know the whole story, yes, i know the whole story.. do you know why he went to jail? he was framed. i know the whole story, yes i know the whole story... do yOU kNOw wHy He wEnt To Jail? He WaS FRAmED.. i Know The WhoLE StORY.. DO yOU KNOw WHY He WENT to JAIL? HE WAS FRAMED, I KNOW THE WHOLE STORY, YES, I KNOW THE WHOLE STORY. DO YOU KNOW WHY HE WENT TO JAIL? DO YOU KNOW WHY HE WENT TO JAIL? DO YOU KNOW WHY HE WENT TO JAIL?

Yes, for the entire trip to city hall he never stopped. When passengers first stepped into the train and saw him, the first direction their eyes travelled to was the BIG BLACK antique radio. LOL. Yes, BOMB SCARE again. -_-" Everyone's paranoid right now. But weirdly enough, for some reason the first thing that popped into my brain was :


Hmm. Why I wonder?

Anyways - back to the passengers. After they tear their eyes away from the BIG BLACK antique radio, they turned it towards the madman. After that, they glance around surreptiously at the other passengers to see how they reacted, before going back to do their own thing, glancing at the madman with BIG BLACK antique radio ever so often.

How fun eh?

YES. Let's one day pretend to be mad and go do some installation art like that. The gahmen always think that creativity is graffiti and talent shows for rockerrs. MY BIG FRIGGIN' ASS. Okie, don't get me started on that, I need to sleep now. That shall be another topic for another day.

Yes folks, do remember to alert the relevant officials if you see any suspicious articles or characters lurking around. LOL.
Madman with BIG BLACK antique radios included.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

National Day

It's 4.30am and i still can't sleep, and i just realised that it's national day today.

Why do we celebrate National Day? Most of us don't even think about what we are celebrating. IMHO, National Day should be cancelled. I hate public holidays. When you go out and annoying crowds trample all over you and you can't breathe because there are too many people around you.

Most of all i dislike..hate..absolutely abhorr the red shirt-white pants combo morons wear, it makes me want to sing the mari kita and say the pledge.

Do i love Singapore?

Well, i would love it more on :

the day when we start having people who aren't the descendents of LKY taking important posts in office
the day we actually start having elections
the day when we have freedom of (political) speech without fear of lawsuits
the day when the ministers don't try to further the wage gap
the day when the ministers don't encourage us to speak out and then ignore what we say
the day we don't have to fear the men in white
the day transparency does not apply to only charity organizations.


Well, on the other hand.

Food is good,
Transport ain't that bad,
We aren't as fucked up as America.

So there.


There are too many things i want to say but i don't know how to say them. So until i find a way, i'm gonna keep all of it in my head.

Current book i'm reading : The Good Women of China : Hidden Voices by XINRAN.

I just finished reading it. 5hrs non-stop, my eyeballs are popping out.

Monday, August 08, 2005

New Blogskin!

Woohoo! Another spiffy new blogskin thanks to Chunz! THANK YOU! - even though you owe me for the hyde wadever thingy - Yeah, anyways. The tagboard is down, and won't be up for the forseeable future.


But nvm. Continue reading the blog hor. *glares threateningly* :P

Right, I'm signing off right now cause it's freezing in my room and my fingers are too numb to type coherently.

Saturday, August 06, 2005


Panama City (Florida)

A man who said he was angry with his wife because she nagged him to cuddle after sex while he wanted to watch sports on TV has been sentenced to death for killing her with a hammer.

Straits Times, Saturday, 6 Aug.

Is there no sane limits to what a man will do to watch sports on TV without interruptions?

girls, consider yourself warned. never get between your man and the TV.

Friday, August 05, 2005


it's the starting of the seventh month,
people are starting to burn joss sticks and hellnotes.
i don't like it.. it scares me.

i'm broke. again. and it's only the beginning of the month.

oh well.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

hide vs toshi

i'm extremely beat........ extremely extremely......... beat. wooh! guess what, i found a toshi/hide(?) shirt. ah hah. it was toshi on the shirt, but the fonts say hide. so imagine.


people staring

me: *Thinking : waaaaiiittt a minute.... something looks wrong. hide? HIDE?*

rita : what's that?

me : eh. it's an x japan t-shirt. with hide on.

me stares at shirt again. and again.

it's toshi with a microphone with hide's (the guitarist's) name on the bottom.

what's wrong with this picture?


on the other hand, i found the silent jealousy t-shirt i wanted but the colour was way off. i guess the only way to get the shirt i want is to kidnap j-rocker. HEH HEH HEH.

i saw him today, couldn't stop smiling after that. someone just stab me. :X

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


i've been left to rot at home for two days now.. i suspect prolonged inactivity may directly/indirectly cause the body to melt down into a pool of blob, but before that your brain shuts down and melt in exactly 10.28 minutes. Then if you have been staring at any screens (tv, computer, etc..) for a extended period of time, and the only movement you've made is to slightly click on the remote to switch channels, you might find that your eyes will start to protrude, bit by bit, until they finally pop out and are left dangling halfway down your face. that is the state i currently am in right now. and if i weren't worried about you guys having nightmares, i might just post a picture of myself here.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


it's dark outside, rain is pouring, and i have b-quartet's Table 62 playing on iTunes.
feeling kinda melancholy, i don't know why.
it's a little cold but i don't mind.

random rant

my mind is a lil' hazy right now, hasn't been functioning properly for quite some time now. i wonder how i manage to function as usual - and therefore i've come to the conclusion that i don't use it very much afterall. yes, i do wonder. i'm seeing tangerine trees and marmalade skies, i wonder if i'm high? i'm propping my eyelids open with toothpicks, is that blood on my face?

Monday, August 01, 2005


I went to the esplanade again. Not to watch fireworks, but to support B-quartet!!! They released their EP yesterday!! OMFG.. they're good. they're DAMNED good!!

I ate soba again, at the sushi restaurant at esplanade. Very pricy, but very bad. :X The utensils weren't clean, you can see all the little flecks of godknowswhat on the metal spoons.. Yuck.. I won't go back ever again. :X

My eyes are constantly tearing and my nose is perpetually blocked. how? T_T