Thursday, November 30, 2006


hello people.

sorry for the lack of updates, i've been REALLLLLYYY busy with the MAAD Sunday thingy on top of my final year project stuff. i must be insane. INSANEE!!!!

anyways. some stuff i showed in my presentation. more like sketches la. i'll be doing a zine thingy and if all goes well it'll be for sale too. muahhaa. yes. money. money money money.

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okay that's about it for now i need to go meet chunz so we can paint wooden blocks at her house.

Ah. btw i have a new blog co-shared with chunz and grace >>


funny funny!!! thanks carol for rec :D

Thursday, November 23, 2006


yes i apologize for not blogging earlier. i have been working, drawing, consulting and alternatively driving myself insane with lack of sleep.

and yes, details of the next MAAD SUNDAY. (do i sound like i'm money-crazed and only updating about the MAAD SUNDAY details every week? i really apologize if it feels that way. I AM SO BUSY I WANT TO SLEEP I NEED SLEEP!!!!)

okay, anyways.


We will be at The Atrium, outside Plaza Sing.


6.30pm - 9.30pm


10.00am - 9.30pm

Have new postcard designs as well!

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and a special Christmas edition. there will be more to come!

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yep. and i end this post here because i'm so tired and i need to write an essay for my boss. will update again.


Sunday, November 19, 2006



today is a REALLY tiring day. but really fun and happy. XD

i is happy today. WHEEEE! and i'd like to thank ALL the people who bought our postcards

and the people who came down specially to support.

which is

Cher Jo : HELLO!!!!!!!!! YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCHHHIIIEEE!!!!!!! *loves you* :))))))))))) and all my friends say you're very chio. hahahahahahhaha.


MERV: HELLO!!!!!! nice to finally see you in person, thanks for coming down to support!!!!! THANKSSSSSS!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

i hope i didn't scare anybody today.

the atmosphere at Maad is really quite nice, made some friends and got some cool namecards. and i bought. stuff. that i shouldn't have bought. because i. am. broke. now.

ah. oh wells.

happy is i.



and btw, we're gonna be there for like one month, next week they have some designer fest thing going on (i'm not exactly sure what actually) and the whole thing is going to be moved to Plaza Singapura (not sure where either) for Friday, Sat and Sun.

i'll have new designs up by then

and people have suggested that we print shirts.

i'm not too sure when we're going to do that though.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

oh. my. dog.


HI MS LOW!!!! *Waves frenetically* HI MS LOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*bows and kowtows*

HI MS LOW!!! (notice i still don't dare to call you your given name :P)

i hope you're well and happy! :D you've made emmanuel and xiaobin comment on my blog. that's nothing short of a miracle. :P i'm kinda at a loss for words right now, but to echo what xiaobin said, thanks for everything Ms Low! i'd probably be a retard right now if you hadn't scared galvanised me into taking action about my future. THANK YOU! you're probably the most respected teacher in the history of NASS.

did you know we used to have watchers near the windows to see if you have left the teacher's room so we could stand up and prepare to greet you before you stepped into the classroom?

ah. good times, good memories.

Yes, and I apologise for all the grammatical and spelling errors on my blog. /(>.<)

p.s: i was in my school canteen when emmanuel instant-messaged me to tell me you left a comment on my blog. your comment made me laugh like a maniac in front of many people.

- - - - - - - -

Hello CHER JO! thanks for leading Ms Low here to me humble little blog.

- - - - - - - -

>> In Other News

I'm now pretty active on phreaque-art. check it every once in a while because i'll be uploading more drawings! WEEEEE!!!

Friday, November 17, 2006


Okay, my bid for a stall @ the Maad Sunday Market is approved!

I will be setting up stall this Sunday, 19 Nov, selling postcards at $2 each.

All postcards are laser-printed on 250gsm vanilla matt paper with individual plastic pockets. :D More designs are going to be there because I'm setting up stall with a few friends of mine, so please head on down to support us!

Additional items to be sold (unconfirmed):

Chunz' super adorable hand-sewn plushie pouches for iPods and cards!!!
Prints of artworks by Grace.
Painted Japanese lanterns by Liyi.

Venue: Red Dot Traffic (Museum), 28 Maxwell Road. This fire-engine RED colonial-style building, just around 5 mins walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT station.

Time: Setting up from 10-11am, taking down from 6-7pm. Come anytime in between. :D

We won't be IN the MAAD Sunday Market per se, because we need the approval of the curators, but we're gonna set up stall outside. You shouldn't miss us. Heh.

P.S: I'll be placing blank cards for doodle collaborations! Colorpencils and Pens provided. Advised to bring your own sketch books, there are many artists/designers there! XD

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

postcards for sale!

HELLO people.

the postcards ARE PRINTED! and are for sale!

going at $2/postcard.

Printed with laser printer on 250gsm vanilla matt paper, with individual plastic pockets.

good price right?!


hahahahhahahahahhahah. i should be setting up a table @ maadsunday this sunday. approval is still pending.

will put up notice again. :D

meanwhile, you can continue to look @ them. :P you know you want them... you knowww...

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006



ag is selling postcards.

so tell me :

- which ones you guys like (would buy)
- how much you would pay for it (size = 10cmx15cm)

because i'm testing out the market. :PPPPP

leave your comments too (you love it, hate it)!


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Sunday, November 12, 2006

some people are retarded.

Have you ever read one of those Aunt Agony letters, where stupid bimbos/bastards engaged in unprotected sex ask Aunt Agony if they will get pregnant through oral sex, or one of those where they ask if urinating after sex will prevent pregnancy because it washes the sperm out?

have you ever wondered what the anatomy will look like if one could get pregnant via oral sex/failure to urinate after sex?

Image Hosted by

assuming that the sperm travels down the trachea, past the esophagus into the stomach, and fertilizes the egg swimming in your stomach juices, you'd have two tubes connecting your stomach to your rectum (via small intestine) and urinary tract. which would mean that your kid is not only swimming in hydrochloric acid, it's also swimming in you urine - also assuming the sperm travelling up your urinary tract after sexual intercourse will also lead to your stomach where it fertilizes the egg.

so not only is the foetus submerged in hydrochloric acid and urine, your kid is also swimming in your partly digested food. and after the 9 month gestation period is up, you give birth to your kid via your urinary tract.

seriously. where do these retards come from?

Saturday, November 11, 2006




IS MY FANTASY COMING TO LIFE???????!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?



Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Michael Moore- The Awful Truth

+ <3
Michael Moore- The Awful Truth

yes. you can so see i'm hard at work doing up my FYP proposal before 14th Nov. yay.
Tom Cruise kills Oprah

this is fuunnnnyyyy....shieeetttt....

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Rockingham Gardens

this is too adorable.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Playground Politics.

Today is the 8th anniversary of my grandmother's death - and like any other traditional Chinese family, we had a reunion to burn the joss sticks and hell notes. After which we went back to the house to eat the FOOOODDDD... curry..beehoon..kueh..yam soup..gnoh hyong..

bliss i tell you. :P

and while the adults swam at the table, and the kids were playing, i was the only person with nothing to do because

1) i'm too old. above 13yo. and a girl. so the boy cousins didn't let me touch their nintendos.

2) i'm too young. below 30. the adults hogged the tables.

3) all the girl cousins weren't there. but it wouldn't have mattered anyways because i don't usually talk to them.

so when the boys wanted to go down to the playground, and their moms refused, i volunteered to go. yes. so you must be thinking. HAHA. ag volunteered to take care of kids?!?! WTF?!?! but the kids were around 10-13 and pretty smart. if a little smartassy.

but anyways. so we went down to the playground and they called their friends around and played (what else?) ice and water.

in case you're not familiar with the game because you haven't played it in aeons like i... just a quick recap;
two catchers, the rest run, people caught will be brought to the safehouse, where only the uncaught can unfreeze them.

simple? yes. very. and i got laughed at because i couldn't remember how to play it. blarrdddy hellll.....zzz.....

and now i have street cred with the kids.

in case you think the kids are young... and innocent... and all about flowers and unicorns and cupcakes and picnics,

YOU ARE FUCKING WRONG. these kids are RACIST. SPITTERS. and they play MEAN.

my cousins are chinese. (duh) and malay kids were at the playground. and before i knew it, they started trading insults ranging from "GILA BABI" to "ITYE BABI" to "CHEEBYE" and these are coming from kids ranging from 5-13. wtf right.

and when insults didn't suffice, they started spitting at each other. like. Spitting. with drool.

major yuck. thank god i didn't take of my slippers.

were you expecting me to stop them and try make them get along? HAR. you kid me. of course, me being me, i just stood where i couldn't be reached by the spittle and just amused myself watching their little spats. (pun intended)

but what amazed me the most. was that. after all the name-calling and spitting, they shook hands and made up. and started playing together - which is not to say they still weren't racist. but in playground politics, the more the merrier.

photo of the little devils in guise of human kids. taken by my lousy as fucking hell camera phone.

Image Hosted by

kids who wanted to join in could join in, but the rankings within the group is pretty obvious.

for those who want to be/are parents

take this from the person who sacrificed all pretense of "coolness" to play catch with a buncha kids at the playground and got laughed at by passerbys.

a first hand account of how YOU affect your kid's interaction with other kids.

- don't overprotect your kid. there was this retard kid with his mom today who joined in the play halfway. the anal mommy forbid the kid to run or get himself injured. so this dumb kid just went to the group and whined. and when the authority was there, all the kids just rejected this retard kid and refused to let him play. after the mom left, the retard kid just sat there and watched them play. like. dude.

i had to persuade the rest to let him join in. -_-" but there wasn't any point because the retard kid being a retard, like to spout nonsensical bullshit and generally antagonize the rest of the kids + me. i suspect his mom did too much damage to the brain. he has NO IDEA how to make himself accepted.

poor kid.

- this dad with his kid came in halfway too. the dad just sat there and smoked his cig while his son got bullied by the other kids. because by then they already had cliques. Dad got pissed, ordered the kids to play nice with his kid, and those little monsters just went off to play by themselves.

in cases like these. your kid probably rather be bullied than ostracized. you dumbassed parents.

anyway, kid got depressed, left.

- playground fights. the most common of all. when girls (sisters or cousins) and tears are involved, the boys take it upon themselves to fight it out. and again, do NOT interfere. boys are super egoists. let them settle it themselves. you don't have to worry about a single thing.

kids whose parents give a freer hand generally carry themselves and deal better in social situations. so. advice.

1. stop spoiling your kids. they become social retards who irritate the hell outta me. and the rest of the kids.

2. don't talk down to them. you want in? don't treat them like kids. they know it when you do it.

3. want to make them trust you? you need to be cool. like me. but i don't think too many of you can handle it.

but anyways. it's good experience for me today. i..exercised. :P and it's a source of pride for me when they say: " EH SISTER, RUN LAH. THEY WILL CATCH THE FASTEST PEOPLE FIRST"

and kids. they just have this really. make you feel good thing. about them. you know. even when they trade spit and insults, they just forget all about it and buy each other ice popsicles (those long coloured water thingys going for 10cents each). i got offered three. (the most - HEHEH)

end of ramble. i have no idea wtf i'm talking about now.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

George Galloway on Question Time

more love for DA MAN.
George Galloway interviewed about Israel and Hezbollah

This is one of the few man i RESPECK. *salute*

i've posted this clip before. but i loves it so much. because he fucking kicks ass.

we need more people like that in the world. please.

I know i'm special. this isn't news to me.


know this time child

i shall smash your skull like a clam on my TUMMEH.

So. IT begins.

ag is maad


yessahhhh! ... i will upload japan trip photos in my next post, though it's been SOOO long since i returned. heh. will be having photo exhibition with the other dudes who went on the History of Photography trip. XD

aiyah. am freezing butt off in school studio now.



i am otaku. :D

- - -



YAYYY... but it's the old copy because it is OUT OF STOCK at both Kino and Borders. I GOT THE LAST COPY. NYAHHAAHA. you poor people who don't own a copy of BLACKBIRD SINGING.

NYAHAHAHA. ag is laughing at you.


Jo: yeah man, i totally understand. i camped out at youtube too. then bought the Behind the scenes. then the DVD boxset. WAhahaha. auntie in making. :P

Chuang: nope, havent had the chance to. >.< what's it about?

Thursday, November 02, 2006


i'm so higgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... like i'm on some frigging ecstacy or something.


LSD. ?

today is a happy day. went to kino to check out Paul McCartney's Blackbird Singing. XD found it all by myself - NO HELP FROM COUNTER NEEDED. nyahahaha. i is genius.

but the copy was old. and yellowed. and somewhat tattered, i'm waiting for them to call me back to see if they have new copy. bahahaha. bahahahahhahahahahahhaa.

oh yes, and sat on Kino floor to read James Lovelock's The Revenge of Gaia. I'm currently reading Tim Flannery's The Weather Makers, How Man is Changing the Climate and What it Means for Life on Earth.

sounds cheem? a long book title does sound super fucking intimidating right. but it's a fucking good book to read.


and i found the DBS ATM machine in Takashimaya all by meself by reading the floorplan. i feel so proud of myself now. great achievement. yes!

Vittel mineral water tastes weird. i don't like it. Blah.

anyways. i spent two bucks on this chinese magazine because it featured the leads from GOONG (Princess Hours). TWO PAGES NIA. but i still bought it. and carried it over to the cashier under my Tim Flannery book because i was too ashamed to be seen carrying it. I PLACED it face down at the cashier, AND THEN SHE TURNED IT OVER TO SCAN THE PRICE.

OMG. the horrors. the SHAME. for i cannot help myself because i'm behaving like a K-Drama-crazed ah-soh. >.<~

and i'm not thinking coherently right now so pardon all spelling mistakes. i can't be bothered to change them. bahhhhh.

JJH is so HAWT... HOTTTT... yummy... *wipes drool from mouth*


listening to: meatloaf - bat out of hell

and i have ripped my HIDE cd into my iTunes.


i can't wait for my blackbird singing book.